Hey Rosie!
October 14, 2011
My van driver boyfriend wants me to be wifey

Hey Rosie,

I am a 17-year-old secondary school girl who has the sweetest man. Rosie, all my friends tell me that I shouldn’t be with him, because he’s married and is a van driver. But, Rosie, he always tells me that I am the one that he wants to be with and his wife is a mistake. Rosie, he says he can’t wait for me to finish school so I can be his wifey and take care of him and the kids.{{more}} I know my friends are straight hating because he gives me money. I even went away on vacation because of him. He wants me to finish school and then we can be together. His wife knows about me and is threatening to tell my school, but I don’t care, Rosie. Love only comes once in a lifetime, and I know this is real. He is 38 and the kids are 3, 6 and 7. My sister knows and I give her money so she doesn’t tell my mother. What you think, Rosie?



Well, you have taken the prize this year! You have me looking for all my medication! Are YOU for real? Do you read my column or do you just want to put your life out in the open because you just don’t care who you hurt at this point?

Seventeen! Seventeen and you are living the life of a jaded older woman who is going to do whatever she pleases. Tell me why when you are about to get all the great rewards that you’ve been working for you are now the “Wifey” to this old man and his 3 kids? Are you looking for an instant family to add water, stir, and then “Ta-Da” you have a ready made family? Then you are also blackmailing your sister so she doesn’t talk? Really, what is going on here?

So I can break down all the wrong things (because it seems you’ve lost your mind) here we go: 1. You are seeing a married man! 2. You are hurting his family (his wife and kids), and by the way, he’s not leaving her for you, that’s all talk my friend. 3.You are taking money from a married man. 4. He’s older than you (he could be your Daddy…more like your Sugar Daddy). 5. You are planning your life around him when you finish school? That’s a huge mistake! 6. Most important, I don’t know what your past is and where you’ve seen this before, but I am here to tell you that you have a Bad Attitude. Yes, I said it. This can be corrected, but at this stage, you are acting as though you don’t care. But I have a feeling you really do.

You are a young princess, just about to step towards your role in your kingdom of life. Don’t take the back door and become the chamber maid. That’s exactly what you are doing. Your friends aren’t hating, they see it’s wrong. Go get some counseling, please? Someone you respect Don’t get upset when they point out the wrong choices you are making. He is using you. Yes, he is, girl! I am sure he has done this before, and will do it again! Love yourself enough to know that this is not for you, now or ever. Girl, you made me have to go lie down! Be smart, safe and take heed of my words.


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