Hey Rosie!
July 1, 2011
My baby and I are in desperate need of help

Hey Rosie,

I am in desperate need of your help. Rosie, I have been having sex with this older man since I was 13 years old. Every time he had sex with me he would give me $100. Five months ago, I had a baby for him, and he is not treating us as he should. I asked him for a stroller and a strap on, and he is just giving me the run around.{{more}} The child is growing and getting heavy, he needs new clothes, but this man will not provide it. I don’t know what to do, Rosie.

Rosie, I would like to go back to school, but I can’t because I don’t have the money for a baby sitter and he will not help me, so I must stay home and stay with my child. I regret every moment of what I allowed to happen to me because of the lack of money and starvation. By the way, I am an orphan, no father, no mother, and a lot of advantage has been taken of us. There is so much I would like to say, but I will give this brief account.

Rosie, I am of the belief that this man is doing the same thing to other 13-year-olds, and he should be put away for a very long time. Please let me know where I can get some help. Give me the name and number of any organization that can help me. I am living with friends and need some kind of stability. Thank you. Rosie, I am now 16 years old.

Please Help Me

Dear Please Help Me,

This is very heartbreaking to me. Where are you? I’m asking this because I need to know how to best guide you in terms of help and networking.

No one, and I do mean no one, should go through this, much less a 13 year old. It must be the hardest thing fending for yourself and your baby at 16 years old. Please contact me via my email address: Heyrosie24@yahoo.com. You shouldn’t be alone, and I am sure there are many people out there who will be willing to reach out to help you.

Let me be clear. Even with help and a strong network around you, it is up to you to have faith and break this cycle for you and your child. You are somebody special, no matter your circumstances. You do not have to sell your body, and you do not have to put your life in jeopardy. Again, I need you to get to a computer so you can give me a little more information on yourself and your location.

You will get past this. Keep your eye on the goal of school and being safe for you and the baby. I understand not having parents or close family to look out for you, it must be so hard, but I feel deeply that you are a survivor with a story to tell one day.

By the way, for the record, your child’s father is a piece of work! He knows what he’s done, and that burden should shame him to no end. Leaving his own flesh and blood to starve, plus having sex with a minor for money. He’s not an honorable man.

Be strong, be blessed, and please contact me. God Bless.


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