Hey Rosie!
January 7, 2011
I can’t stand my sister

Hey Rosie,

I just can’t stand my sister. She is 17 and I am 19, but she gets to do whatever she wants. I am finishing up college and she is in form 5, but it seems as though my parents just would let her go out, have a whole lot of friends at the house and are always giving her more money. Meanwhile, I do all the house work, can’t hang out with my people and I have to work for everything.{{more}} When I tell my mother it’s not fair, she says it isn’t true, but Rosie, it is. It makes me just drift away from my little sister. I think they like her more than me, but they say it not true. Help me, Rosie.


Dear Cinda,

Is that as in “Cinderella”? I can hear your disappointment and hurt regarding how you are being treated by your family. Some people reading this might say that you are exaggerating because as the older sibling, you would naturally have more responsibility than your younger sister. However, I am here to acknowledge that you are unhappy, but I would like to give you a little boost.

Guess what? This happens ALL the time. It may not be fair, but it happens. As an older sibling, you are a natural born leader and you tend to be more mature and responsible. Having to work for things, doing your chores and addressing your education, all while having a normal teenage life, is setting you up for greatness. It may not seem that way now, but as life starts to reveal the many selfish people and situations that will cross your path, you will begin to appreciate these many experiences now.

Your little sister WILL come into her own as well one day. She will then learn that big sis is not always there to make life as cushy as it is now. I know it must be difficult going through this, but I would embrace the good things around you (including your family). You are upset with them, so you may be a tad sensitive at the moment. However, I think your parents are very proud of the young lady you are becoming, and it reveals itself at the moment in this life of “extra” responsibilities. Look, if this is really too much for you, go talk to another family member with a sympathetic ear and maybe they can help mediate your feelings to your parents. Either way, I only see GREAT things for you and your future. Keep the faith. Life keeps getting better.


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