Hey Rosie!
June 25, 2010
Suicidal 12-year-old wants to kill family members

Hey Rosie,

I am just here to tell you that I am having problems with my family members. They are ill treating me by spitting in my face and not giving me anything to eat. I want to kill them and kill myself. Rosie, I know you have good advice. What should I do?{{more}}


Dear Ill-treated,

I can feel the desperation in your letter. It is simple yet to the point. You are scared, sad and feel very neglected. This is so devastating to me. No one, especially a child such as yourself, should have to experience this kind of pain and hurt.

I NEED you to find an adult (one that you can trust), a pastor, a teacher, someone in your neighborhood who can guide you to help etc. Sometimes you may have to say it to more than one person before someone takes you seriously enough to step in and help you.

I want to encourage you that these horrible experiences are very difficult to bear at the moment, but I am here to tell you that you WILL survive! Never give in to the deep thoughts of killing yourself. I am a firm believer in what does not kill you will only make you stronger. You are meant to be here and God will reveal his plan for you in the near future.

I am also going to appeal to the general public who may be reading this letter to reach out to me to assist this very scared 12-year-old child. No one, especially our youths, should be this scared, hungry and abused. My girl, seek help in the person you feel safest. I will reach back to you again. You are a precious human being and good things await you. Have faith.

Much Blessings,


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