Hey Rosie!
May 14, 2010
Don’t drop bone for shadow!

Hey Rosie,

On behalf of all who read your column, thank you. You do give good advice. I am a Christian young lady about to turn 20 and need your advice.

I am in a jam here. On one hand, there’s my guy, guy #1. This sweet, kind and considerate guy that I have known for a while now, and then there’s this other guy who’s just cool but nothing like my guy.{{more}}

The thing is guy #1 doesn’t have a car and guy #2 does, but guy #1 is on my mind so much still. What is wrong with me?

Should I keep playing with their emotions for a while? What should I do, as I have seen and get jealous of couples who get along well on love alone and I know guy #1 is a real lover so I want keep him close still.

Need Help

Dear Need Help,

Ok, thank you so very much for your kind compliment, but that will only get you so far (smile). You see, you already know the deal. What you are doing isn’t right, and quite frankly not very “Christian like” either. Plain and simple, you can’t have two men and play both of them like this. If you are going to be with one man, pick him and stick with him. Stop sampling like you are at a buffet.

First we have Bachelor # 1; kind, sweet and a considerate guy. Someone who it seems that will do anything for you. But unfortunately he doesn’t YET have the worldly possessions, like a car etc. Let me say this: I would rather be with this man, because money cannot buy respect, dedication and true love. Do you know how many women out there seem to have everything because they are with Mr. It? Yet there is hell to pay behind closed doors? Please remember all that glitters isn’t gold.

Then we have Bachelor # 2; a cool guy but nothing like the first. The only difference is that he has some more money. You already know how I feel about this situation. Do not do this. Do not drop the bone for the shadow because you are in love with the idea of the “perfect” set-up. Again there is no such thing.

Maybe you aren’t ready to be in a serious long term relationship. If so please let them both go. It is not fair to do this to both of these men. So take a good hard look at yourself. You have a decision to make. You already know the right thing to do.


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