Hey Rosie!
April 16, 2010
I Don’t wanna lose my man

Hey Rosie,

I’m a young woman who is in a relationship with somebody, but he is sailing.

Back home, I’m still seeing my ex and we are having sex. My boyfriend will be back soon and I am trying to get rid of my ex, but everything I try is not working. Please help me.{{more}} I don’t want to lose my boyfriend cause I really love him, but I don’t want to hurt my ex-boyfriend’s feelings.

Trapped between the two

Dear Trapped between the two,

Why are you doing this? You are cheating on your current boyfriend with your ex and you want to end it because your boyfriend is coming back? You were the one having sex with your ex freely while your man was away. Not smart and very poor judgment on your part.

Now you want to tie things like a neat package to end this affair with your ex? Things don’t just happen like that when you are playing with people’s feelings and emotions. Maybe your ex might not want to end things, because he’s been enjoying all the benefits of being with you. So he may want to try to put your business out there (do not be surprised if this happens).

Then we have your current boyfriend who will not be happy that he was being played all this time. Let’s just be real for a moment. You wouldn’t be happy if this was being done to you. So he may very well not want to deal with you either.

The bottom line is that you cheated. This situation will come to light eventually, so I would actually just walk away from both of these men at this time. I think you are the one who is not ready for a long term relationship. If you were, you would be a one woman man. Let go of this very messy situation. It is the only decent thing to do at the moment. I would also try to figure out going forward what is causing this type of behavior. Remember, you are better and worth so much more than this. Do the right thing.


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