Hey Rosie!
June 5, 2009
Is he interested in me?

Dear Rosie,

I am a 26-year-old and I am in love with a guy who is 27. I met him on the Internet and introduced him to my sister (I had never seen him before).

The first time I saw him, he came over by my sister and I was there at the moment. She introduced him to me and I fell in love with him immediately.{{more}}

Since then, every time he came by my sister, and I was there, we would speak normally. Then one day he said he loved me. But my sister told him I was not the right one for him. He also said he knew I loved him, but because of my sister we couldn’t have a relationship.

Long after, my sister began to accept the fact that we loved each other, but the guy then told me that he had his girl and a few days later he told me they had broken up. I felt so relieved to know that I was going to finally be with him, but he kept telling me he loved me but he wanted to be single for a while. I accepted the fact that he wanted to be alone, but if he really loved me, would he have told me that?

Do you think he really loves me or wants to use me?


Dear Confused,

I am just as confused! Firstly, you met this guy on the Internet. You, however, introduced him to your sister (first bad move) and then she became the puppet master.

She then told him that you are not right for him. However, you both had a secret yearning, but couldn’t do anything because the of the “rules” the puppet master set down.

Then you were given permission by your sister to pursue your feelings. He then is not available, emotionally that is.

Well! After all of that, you want to know if he loves you or is he using you? I think he is just as confused! He must have been interested in you when he met you online and in person, but then he ran into the “wall” that you allowed to manipulate this situation. Unless you are a minor, or your sister is your legal guardian, you should have said “hands off!” Why did you let all this merry-go-round happen? Hopefully you are a big girl, because you should have stood up for yourself, but you did not. He observed that as well.

No one wants a third party in his or her relationship. I can’t fully say why he is keeping away from starting a relationship with you, but I hate to say he has gotten a taste of your family dynamics. That may have been enough for him. That is why he says he would like to be single for a while.

I am 100% for family and respecting them. However, there comes a time that you would have to independently stand up for yourself and make your own choices. Sadly, I think this time you let someone else make all your choices for you. Lesson learned. I wish you a better approach the next time. Oh yes, I would only keep him as a friend at this point. All the best to you.


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