Hey Rosie!
April 17, 2009
Husband left us after 6yrs!

Hi Rosie,

My husband just up and left us after 6 years of marriage! The jerk got tired of being with us because we have a son with special needs. I never saw this coming Rosie, and I am floored that he can turn his back on our precious son. He even went as far as to quit his job so my son has no medical insurance! He refuses to pay child support and just told me last night. Good luck with your son because I am moving out of state!{{more}}

Rosie I would like to run over this piece of work! I want to scream, but I have to be strong for my son, who never asked to be put in this position. His father was never like this and just got up one day 9 months ago and left us. What am I going to do? I have no one to help me and I need the help! I really hate him. Help me, please. I feel like I’m losing my mind.

Losing it

Dear Losing it,

This is a very unfortunate situation, one that many mothers frequently face. This is where one parent finds the responsibility of providing financially and emotionally for their children too much, so they run. They, therefore, leave that strain on the remaining parent (this happens to fathers as well).

I am sorry that you have this type of pain and anguish. Yes, your ex-husband is a jerk! Not because you are tired of the daily struggles does it mean that your son will not continue to grow and flourish. It is shameful actually. However, we can’t be stuck in the gear of a “Pity Party”. It is time for action.

Whatever legal actions you can take via the courts, I am encouraging you to pursue them right now. Your son deserves this! Then start networking with the other parents at your son’s school or maybe playgroup and see if you can’t start a barter system of sorts. Maybe you can drop off their children to school in the mornings and then another parent would pick them up and keep them for a few hours until you come home. Sometimes you can offer to do grocery shopping etc. There are many ways that we can look at our problems. Believe me, many parents would let you know it is a struggle daily to make sure that they are meeting the needs of their children.

Continue to be strong for your son. Join the PTA at your school. There is a lot of support there as well. The seed that your husband is stomping on now (which is your son) will become the impressive oak tree under which your very ex-husband will have to take shade one day.

Be strong and be blessed.


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