Hey Rosie!
January 23, 2009
I don’t know what love is

Hey Rosie,

I am a 18+ young lady who tells herself that she is in love. Rosie, to be honest, I don’t know what love is, but this boy came out of nowhere and just caught me in the trap, now I guess I’m in love.{{more}}

He says that he loves me, but I don’t really know if it’s true or not. I believe that he does. but one thing I have no hint of is what is love. Rosie, can you tell me what love really means?


Dear Confused,

Forgive me. I, too, am a little confused by your letter. You didn’t give me a lot of information to go by, but I will try to see if I can help you. I think you are right to question yourself about what you are feeling. However, it would seem as though you may have some doubts about the nature of this relationship and it is only natural to question your emotions.

Love can be simple. love can be complicated. Love never remains at the same level throughout a relationship either. The first stages of love can be deemed “puppy love”, because everything makes you giddy and happy. You always want to be in the company of that person. To you they are the best thing since cheese. You eat, dream and sleep this person…you just can’t get enough.

Then love evolves as time goes on to a comfortable pace, where you consider this person to be a partner, friend and confidant. Trust is also a very important factor as well. Without it you have nothing. We as human beings aspire to achieve and maintain that type of love that we see in those rare couples after 30,40 or 60 years of marriage. Where one can agree to disagree, in addition to maintaining mutual respect, support and admiration. Yet they are always mindful that life would be incomplete without their other half in it. Essentially they have become one.

So, remember it will not always be flowers, romance and music. Everyday will not be fireworks. It may be a knowing nod, an encouraging word, or just quietly sitting in a comfortable silence together. Whatever it is, you will know true love when you are experiencing it. I wish you the best wherever this life takes you. All the best in your relationships.


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