Trained and certified Bra fitter
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November 17, 2006

Trained and certified Bra fitter

While most men see female breasts as sexy, enticing play things, most women know that the real function is to produce milk for their offspring and they therefore require care and attention.

However, statistics show that out of every 10 women, six to eight of them are wearing the wrong sized bra.

Research also reveals that many more younger women are now larger breasted than ever before and yet have little information about the importance of getting good support for better long-term breast health.{{more}}

There is therefore a need to balance fashion and function and it can be done but most women do not realize that getting a well-fitted bra, regardless of size, would give breasts better shape.

This is the reason that entrepreneur Sylvia “Sassy” Anderson has committed herself to making breasts feel good and look great.

Anderson noted that for too long women have endured bulging over the top of their bras that just draws attention to the size of their large breasts.

She pointed out that women needed to be educated about buying the size they really need, as opposed to the size they think they ought to be!

Now a trained and certified Leading Lady Bra Fitter Anderson said “Women in St. Vincent and the Grenadines now have a new and professional service when purchasing the all important bra. It might seem simple to some, but many women are unaware of what a fitting is.”

The entrepreneur has partnered with Ashwell John to establish her new business called, A&S Bra World, located at Edinboro, which offers a wide selection of top quality brand bras for every size.

She complained that “too many women walk into any given retailer in Kingstown and look at a bra and say ‘Oh yes this will fit me’ but at A&S Bra World you walk out with the correct size bra for your body structure. “Before you even purchase a bra you must have a bra fitting.”

The part time radio announcer confessed that the idea of opening A&S Bra World came about during Carnival season when she and John saw many heavy set women looking very loose in the breast area.

Anderson noted that even after the Carnival season the problem continued and admitted that being a heavy set woman herself, she knew how difficult it was to find the right size in this country.

The bra specialist noted that ill-fitting or unsupportive bras could result in back pain, shoulder pain, improper posture, discomfort in the breast and failure of the lymph nodes to adequately drain. Anderson said that from her training she learnt that Lymphatic drainage restriction can lead to numerous health issues and urged women to take bra fittings seriously and to set aside time to take care of themselves.

October was celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and every customer at A&S Bra World was and is still being offered a bookmarker, which instructs them on how to do a proper self-examination of the breast.