Investigation into the death of Patrice Bascombe completed
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November 17, 2006

Investigation into the death of Patrice Bascombe completed

The Ministry of Health has concluded its investigation into the death of Patrice Bascombe but Health Minister Dr Douglas Slater told SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH that because of a threat of litigation, he could not reveal its findings.

Amidst the nationwide outpour of emotions that followed Patrice’s death, Dr Slater had promised a full inquiry, and now he said he is satisfied that a proper, thorough investigation has been done.{{more}}

“All the information has been turned over to the Attorney General,” he said.

Questions arose about the efficiency of the treatment that she got at the General Hospital prior to her death on September 7. Charges of negligence flooded the radio airwaves, and a threat of a lawsuit loomed.

The young man, the driver of the ill fated car in which Bascombe was a passenger, Virvert Bridgewater, has been charged with causing her death by driving recklessly.

During his interview with SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH, Dr Slater, speaking in general, said that he understands the reaction of the public when someone dies at the hospital but wanted to remind everyone that the reality is that sometimes people would die.

He said that on many occasions he has had to console health workers who are broken to pieces when someone dies in their care.