Patients getting help from cancer society
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October 20, 2006

Patients getting help from cancer society

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Cancer Society has spent over $10,000 this year assisting seven cancer patients who cannot afford their usually very expensive medication.

President of the society, Joy Cato, said that assisting cancer patients is a priority of the organization.

She said that it isn’t just financial assistance but the moral support that continues to be crucial to the work the Cancer Society does.

“We are dedicated to the education, assistance and supporting of cancer patients and those related to them,” said Cato.{{more}}

She told SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH that an area of real importance is the educating of patients as it relates to treatment options, medical assistance and such like.

“When they are diagnosed it could be difficult for them to map their way through the process so the help to arrange things is really necessary” said Cato, a woman who is very famliar with the process because she was once a cancer patient.

President Cato who works with a 10-member executive committee believes that women need to pay more attention to having their mammograms done.

“It is important that they know that early detection is a key factor in the fight against all types of cancer, none the less, breast cancer,” stressed Cato who believes that concern about the discomfort associated with the x-ray is a huge deterrent for many women.

During a mammogram the breast is squeezed between two metal plates – the source of the feared discomfort.

While breast cancer is more common in women over fifty, there are increasing instances of younger women being diagnosed and Cato is encouraging them to ensure that they do their monthly breast self exams.

“Women have to pay attention to any change they feel in their breast as they do the self examination,” she said.