Recovering alcoholics – Don’t take that drink!
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June 16, 2006
Recovering alcoholics – Don’t take that drink!


As the carnival season gathers momentum the local sponsor of Alcohol Anonymous (AA) is reminding recovering alcoholics that unlike others they must not “have a little one”.

In a recent interview with SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH Dr. Agnes Samuel said that one of the rules that a recovering alcoholic must adhere to is never to drink again. “They can never be social drinkers again and they must remember that,” said Dr. Samuel who has been the local sponsor of AA since 2001.{{more}}

Alcoholics are instructed to avoid “people, places and things that will cause them to fall,” stated Samuel stressing that a festival like carnival is the epitome of events that should be avoided. Samuel told SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH that it only takes one drink for a recovering addict fall off the sometimes tricky bicycle of sobriety.

Since this third coming of Alcohol Anonymous, Samuel has seen good results but lots of challenges as could be expected with such a programme. As far as Samuel could remember, there were two previous “important attempts” at having the AA program in St Vincent, the most significant being when it was organized by the Salvation Army some time ago.

Since its inception there have been challenges but now Samuel has five regulars at her Saturday group meetings currently held at the Calliaqua district clinic and up to ten persons usually visit a meeting at one time. With a hopeful smile, Samuel stressed that although the numbers are small she is encouraged and determined.

Those alcoholics who recognize their problem are being prompted to seek help, and Samuel is urging them not to put it off. She warns them to avoid the old “after carnival” and other such forms of procrastination, warning that the window of opportunity will not last indefinitely. “If you are feeling strong and able now, the time is right to make the change.”