Play safe this Carnival season
Health & Beauty
June 16, 2006

Play safe this Carnival season


It’s Carnival time and the National Aids Secretariat hopes that when the partying is over, the worst cure Vincentians and visitors will need, is some good sleep.

In the midst of the dancing and revelry, to help people play safe, the Secretariat will be distributing condoms at a “Play-it-Safe” booth located near Heritage Square in the courtyard of the Alliance Francaise.{{more}}

The booth will be staffed by trained volunteers who will demonstrate how to use male and female condoms correctly, assist revelers who might drink too much and answer questions about HIV risk and infection. To contribute to the fun of Carnival, prizes including pins, power-bands, bags, t-shirts and hats can be won by spinning the Play-it-Safe wheel.

Free water will be available at the booth to prevent dehydration headaches and free coffee will be passed out to those who want a break from alcohol.

Deborah Rodney, Communications Coordinator at National AIDS Secretariat says, “When in a state of Carnival euphoria, you can be at your most vulnerable in terms of HIV infection. Risky decisions made in the moment can affect the rest of your life.” She urges every Carnival participant to visit the booth “where the condoms, the coffee and the conversation are on us.”