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May 12, 2006
sexual desires increase during pregnancy

Most women experience heightened sexual desire during pregnancy but other issues may cause them to be reluctant to have sex during their pregnancies.

SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH recently spoke to Government psychiatrist, Dr. Mrinal Debnath who said that it is a myth that most women lose their sexual appetite during pregnancy. “it is mostly the other way around.”{{more}}

He told us, however that various psychological factors can contribute to women’s frigidity during pregnancy, one such is the “Madonna Complex”. “This is when a woman’s belief system makes her feel that it is wrong or even unholy to engage in sexual intercourse while carrying a baby.”

Another factor is the woman’s feeling of unattractiveness which she can develop on her own but is often transferred by the attitude of her spouse. “Men and the women themselves need to keep in mind that a pregnant woman will not look the way that she usually does,” advised Debnath who said that they must face the reality that she doesn’t look as physically attractive as she normally does, which is just natural.

In addressing the fear that some have about harming the baby during sex, Debnath said that this is an unfounded fear. “Unless there is a complication that a doctor indicates, it is safe to be sexually active.” He, however, cautioned against “rough sex” during the first trimester of the pregnancy as “the fetus isn’t firmly attached to the uterus wall and can cause a miscarriage.”

Thereafter Debnath said couples can feel free to express their sexual desires to each other, hinting that obviously the last few months will place some maneuvering challenges to the couple because of the enlarged stomach.