Nails by Design gives you that new, tidy look
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May 12, 2006
Nails by Design gives you that new, tidy look

Picture this, you’ve spotted someone from across the room who’s caught your attention. So you zero in closely on their appearance. Hair well groomed? Check! Clothes well fitted? Check! Nails? Unkempt, uncheck!

Randa Velox of “Nail By Design-Tip Toes” has observed this shortcoming in both males and females far too often, and believes that unkempt finger and toe nails give off negative messages.{{more}}

The nail technician revealed that having well kept nails is an indication that the individual pays attention to details and is concerned about keeping a tidy appearance.

Velox stated that her nail shop was not just about putting on nail polish to look good, but was also about treating and conditioning the nails so that they could be strong, durable and healthy.

She said, “A lot of people do a lot of work with water and this weakens the nail. when you come to the salon you can get your protein treatment and nail hardener to ensure that your nails will not be damaged.”

She also expressed grave concern about the number of people with nail fungus who were not treating this medical problem.

She explained, “People don’t realize that when their feet sweat or when they step in puddles of dirty water this is when their fungus infection can spread.”

Velox went on, “I have clients who come into the nail shop and want me to put tips and polish on their damaged cuticle, but that is the worse thing that I could do. I will only be masking the damage with pretty nail polish and not treating it.”

She advises people who have problems with their cuticles to get medical treatment, if they want healthy nails.

The nail technician revealed, “Nail fungus takes a while to grow; it’s a slow infection. To ensure that our clients have the best care, we always ensure that our equipment is properly sterilized.”

The entrepreneur, who holds a degree in Business Management, lived in the United States for over 35 years. Most of her years there were spent in the banking industry, where she worked her way up from a teller to manager.

She admitted that it was time to use her savvy business skills and do something she knew she would enjoy and was part of a growing market, hence her thrust into nail care business on March 8, 2006.

Retired from banking for five years now, Randa is a certified nail technician and is offering other skilled nail beauticians the opportunity to earn their own money. She said that their arrangement will be a partnership where they bring in the clients and use the quality products and equipment she has available in the salon. She noted that this will encourage nail technicians to not wait on a salary at the end of each month.

Velox encourages people to come into her spacious salon to get themselves pampered and well cared for. She said that they will not only look good, but feel relaxed after their experience at Nails By Design-Tip Toe.