Don’t disrespect your mother!
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May 12, 2006
Don’t disrespect your mother!

Experienced Gynecologist Dr. Lorna-Ares Vergara believes that it is a mortal sin for a child to abuse his or her mother in any form or fashion.

After caring for countless pregnant mothers and delivering a host of babies, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH Vergara said that if people only know what mothers go through and the dangers they are exposed to, they would resist any urge or temptation to disrespect their mothers.{{more}}

“From conception to delivery there are risks involved,” stated Dr. Vergara. She explained that even though pregnancy and child birth is natural and many women go through it without a hitch, one can never be unconcerned about the possible dangers that both mother and unborn babies can go through.

In the first trimester, the greatest risk is of miscarriages. It is incorrectly believed by many that once a woman makes it through this first trimester then it is smooth sailing there after. “In the second trimester there are infections that can be contracted; you can also have a rupturing of the membrane,” explained Vergara as she spoke to SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH.

She also highlighted excessive vomiting and depression that some mothers go through especially those who are unprepared for their pregnancy. There is also the very dangerous preecclampsia, a pregnancy related disease that affects some 10 per cent of pregnancies worldwide. “It is not an easy process at all; mothers must be appreciated and supported.”

Vergara expressed concern about the number of pregnant mothers who do not faithfully attend clinics sessions. “Even though the government clinics are free many mothers still are delinquent with their check ups.”

She also told SEARCHLIGHT HEALTH that she has always been concerned that throughout the term of pregnancy, pregnant mothers who visit her office are seldom accompanied by their partners. This is even when the visits are late evening (after working hours).

“Even after delivery mothers can be at risk,” hinted Vergara. Women who have a lot of children can have a situation where after giving birth their womb relaxes and gives rise to haemorrhaging.

Responding to a growing trend overseas, where mothers are requesting to give birth via the Caesarian section, Dr. Vergara advises against it. “You should not just take surgery to relieve pain,” she said, adding that if a situation demands it then the surgery should be used.

She advised women to plan their pregnancies and to be prepared mentally for the process so that they could enjoy the “joy of child birth.”

So as we celebrate Mother’s Day, take a good look at your mother. All may have gone well when she gave birth to you, but Dr. Vergara reminds us all that so much could have gone wrong, so much!