Full Disclosure
February 8, 2008
Politics of allegations

It is almost irresistible for one not to take an opportunity to analyze the recent developments in our country as it relates to the allegations brought against our Prime Minister. It is important to note from the outset that this article is not intended to discuss the facts of any allegation brought against our Prime Minister, since legally this is not the proper environment for doing such. Instead, the intention is to address the general politics of allegations without even using our present circumstances as an example.{{more}}

An allegation is simply an assertion without proof. Black’s Law Dictionary defines it more specifically to mean a formal statement of a factual matter as being true or provable, without its having yet been proved. Therefore, an allegation may be very well based on a lie, a misleading notion, gossip, a rumor, or a fallacy, which turns out neither to be true nor provable. On the other hand, allegations may be based on statements which are subsequently proved.

At some point in our life we have encountered varying degrees of allegations against us. For the most part these allegations are carefully crafted to orchestrate our demise. In other instances, they are the starting points for those who are in the quest for justice. It is important, however, that when we analyze instances of allegations, particularly those involving persons in esteemed offices such as pastors, parliamentarians, school principals or managers of farmers organizations, among others, that we avail ourselves of the fact that there are many persons who may have a negative motive fuelled by malicious intent, greed and deep-seated hatred against such persons and their offices, sufficient to launch spurious and counterfeit allegations as a means to destroy character.

In recent times, Senator Barack Obama has been the victim of the scarring attributes of allegations. Senator Obama is a perfect example of a great leader with a vision, a man of immense potential and fortitude who would have been attacked because of motives grounded in politics. Simply, Obama is indisputably a challenge to many who desire and seek political elevation, hence his life would become a fertile ground for allegations. One such allegation was that the Senator was “educated at a radical Islamic school as a child in Indonesia”.

This was further stimulated when a media giant mistakenly, at least so they say, used the word Osama instead of Obama. Osama Bin Laden is classified as the most well known terrorist against the United States of America. Osama is the man assumed by many to have plotted the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre buildings. Twinning Obama with Osama by using them interchangeably begs the question simply, “Should we vote for Osama , oh sorry, Obama as President?” Even an apology in this case causes great pain since it repeats untrue tarnishing information. The blind can see the malicious nature of the intent of those who propagate allegations. The rumor spreads like wild fire. Minds are influenced against a person in a split second. You move from being righteous in the eyes of man to being tanned with evil. That is the intention. However, after a period of time you are returned to a state of normalcy when you would have proven the instigators wrong.

On the Republican side, Mc Cain’s campaign was seriously attacked when allegations were made that he had done favors for certain lobbyists and special interest groups, with the intention to obtain unfair political advantage. McCain quickly dispelled these allegations in terms which we will understand, when he described the allegations as “Gutter Politics”.

The Holy Bible and modern History have proven that women and young children are some of the prime persons used to attack great leaders. In the case of Joseph, a man of brillance, filled with charisma and charm, the son of Jacob, his spark was so outstanding that even his brothers decided to take off his beautiful robe and threw him in an empty well. Joseph was eventually sold into slavery. In Egypt, Potiphar made Joseph his helper and placed him in charge of everything that he owned. This brought Joseph to the front stage for what was to become one of the nastiest sexual allegations to be lodged in Biblical history. The problem came when Potiphar’s wife lied about Joseph to her husband. Potiphar placed Joseph in to prison. It is interesting to note that if the justice system fails to ensure that it takes justice for the person against whom the allegation is made into consideration, that an innocent man may be imprisoned, since the bible informs us of the innocence of Joseph, yet Joseph was imprisoned.

Rape, attempted rape, and matters of indecent assault are criminal allegations that are easy to claim. In fact, the crime of rape has been known as the easiest criminal allegation to be made by an alleged victim. In some plots of allegations, a man or woman can be used as a human sacrifice equivalent to a suicide bomber to tell an untrue story which forms the axis of the plot. The person may be referred to as a suicide bomber, since they themselves who are carrying out the activities are self destroyed in the process. Nevertheless, the activity must be done regardless of the casualties foreseen.

We are living in interesting times. Rumors, gossip, allegations of all sorts and kinds are in the air. From a legal standpoint, it is important that we do not go outside the boundaries within which we are allowed to comment. If one is willing to do such one must always be willing to bear the consequences, which may be brought to bear in the long run. Let us forever remain resolute as Vincentians as we return to a state of normalcy in our country. We have a nation to build and not to destroy. We must work hard as progressives to ensure that the gains of our education revolution are secured; that our quest to build a modern post colonial economy for our people is forever maintained and its fruits achieved; and that our dream to construct our international airport realized. Stand firm!

As we work towards the healing of a nation, I will borrow a line from one of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie’s speeches on issues of unity, which states as follows, “We know that unity can be and has been attained among men of the most disparate origins, that difference of race, of religion, of culture, of tradition, are no insurmountable obstacles to the coming together of peoples.” I call on all Vincentians to unite and move forward.