Full Disclosure
August 24, 2007

“Follow Your Dream”

Excerpt taken from address to students at the General Employees Co-operative Credit Union Annual Scholarship award Ceremony, Methodist Church Hall, Wednesday 22nd August, 2007.

The patriotic young Vincentian who intends to become actively involved in charting the destiny of our people, and our region, and the building of a modern Vincentian society, must feel both chastened and challenged by the verdict outlining the critical need for an exceptional cadre of multi-talented youth, who would be able to effectively, and efficiently manage, plan, structure and govern both their lives and the life of this our blessed nation.{{more}}

Our presence here today, as scholarship recipients, both past and present, the evidence of the representative manifestations of the social conscience of the General Employees Co-operative Credit Union, well wishers, friends and the like, are in recognition of our progress and encouragement in the field of education.

I am most certain that you, through your hard work and relentless efforts would have proven that the word success though pronounced with great ease is painstakingly hard to achieve, yet with the support of teachers, parents and friends you would have risen despite all the odds acting against you. You must however continue to rise.

The new millennium has unfolded and continues to unfold new challenges, many of which we will have to grapple in the not too distant future. Yet we must rise.

We must rise not only with a plan to overcome the obstacles, which we can now see, but we must also be prepared for the unknown. Though complex as this may sound, as young men and women, your education is one of the most secured plans to chart your way through the dark patches that may confront your future.

As youth it is high time that we recognize that there is a much-needed independence from within, in this regard we cannot afford to entertain lethargy as an alternative to thrift. What is your role in poverty alleviation? Are you ready to place yourself in a position so that your human resources can be properly harvested? If we are to enhance our productivity and efficiency for a developing people we must begin now.

Sad to say, but many of our youth are hardly keeping abreast with the current policies and trends involving matters touching and concerning their nation’s development. You must make the difference.

I charge you, that it is only if you keep yourself informed can you ever comment intelligently on your nation’s decisions. You must not fail to be critical of yourself or of the negativity around you. Your positive contribution is valued as a prized commodity, since it is only by your comments that errors made can be corrected, and progress and growth stimulated.

In your push ahead, you must not allow a minority of misguided troublemakers who are yet to understand what it means to cherish the finer things of life, and the vital importance of education, to drag you into the dark pits of backwardness. Yet we must in love, show them the way that leads to light. In recent times I have had my own experiences with troublemakers. However, I am constantly reassured when I hear the words of our National Anthem, that, “what’ere the future brings my faith will see me through.”

The greater the challenges, the harder we must work, the greater the challenges the more we must also read and think. The greater the challenges the more we must remember that we possess the requisite talent, though hidden in some instances, the brain power, and most of the resources to get the job done. What we beseech of you is your commitment. We must not foster a poverty of ambition. In all your doings do not forget that you have an obligation to help those who are less fortunate than you. We must also help others to rise as we also rise.

My friends, my hope and pledge for all of you, is that as you leave here today, you will decide to keep true these principles which I have selected to share with you, and to make them a part of your daily living.

I take this opportunity therefore, to welcome you to this our life long journey to perpetual success. Thank you again for having me address you, and may God richly bless you.

Mr. Chairman, I thank you and may God also bless you.