Vincentian make-up artist gets more recognition on Broadway
VINCENTIAN Kirk Cambridge-Delpesche
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June 18, 2024

Vincentian make-up artist gets more recognition on Broadway

Fresh off a tour with Disney in Germany, Kirk Cambridge-Delpesche has once again been recognized for his contribution to make-up on Broadway.

Cambridge-Delpesche, a Vincentian, recently received a Cougar Award for best make-up design.

The Cougar Award is a two-year-old recognition initiative set up by James Cougar, house manager for the Hudson Theatre, brand ambassador for the Museum of Broadway, and indie theatre producer.

The award was set up in an attempt to uplift, recognize, and celebrate the amazing work that happens on Broadway.

In an interview with Cambridge-Delpesche on Monday, the former Sion Hill and Paul’s Avenue resident who was born in Layou, said he is proud of his achievements.

“It’s nice being acknowledged, it’s nice that my work speaks for itself and people appreciate what I do and recognize me for it,” Cambridge-Delpesche said.

He added that by him being recognized and celebrated, it opens the door for other people.

“The fact that I am able to open doors for people who look like me or other West Indians, I think it is incredible.”

He said there are no other awards given for make-up on Broadway and a petition has been started to have the Tony Awards add makeup and hair categories.

The outspoken make-up professional said that make-up and hair designers are hopeful about their bid to have the Tony Awards recognize their work as, for the first time ever this year, something to do with hair was recognized.

He was referring to the 77th Annual Tony Awards (held on June 16), recognizing Dede Ayite’s achievement of becoming the first Black woman to win the Tony for Best Costume Design of a Play. The Ghanaian-born designer won from her work on the Broadway production ‘Jaja’s African Hair Braiding’.

“We hope it is not a one-off thing and I hope they (Tony Awards) considers extending the award to make up designers,” Cambridge-Delpesche said.

The Vincentian artist, represented by Summit Entertainment Group LLC., explained that he recently got back from Germany where he did the make-up for Disney’s Hercules,and is currently doing a lot of prepping and planning and is busy with work for Broadway’s ‘The Wiz’ and preparing for a tour of Europe next year.

Despite his busy schedule, Cambridge-Delpesche recently returned from what he described as a “fantastic trip home” where he acknowledged strides made in the tourism sector here but noted that more can be done in relation to promoting local products, especially at the Argyle International Airport (AIA).