Vincy Mas launches with Runs and Rhythm
Dougal James, Chair of (LOC)/ICC/T20 Men’s World Cup
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May 24, 2024

Vincy Mas launches with Runs and Rhythm

by Eldonté Samuel

Vincymas 2024 got going with a potpurri of ingredients, including traditional displays. The launch spectacle was married with the impending ICC Men’s T/20 Cricket matches set for St Vincent’s Arnos Vale Cricket Grounds next month, and carried the theme: Runs and Rhythm.

Chair of the Local Organising Committee (LOC)/ICC/T/20 Men’s World Cup, Dougal James said at the launch that “business is the order of the day”, as he made it clear how important it is for Vincentians to support the T/20 matches.

The launch kicked off with a DNA parade around Kingstown starting at Unity Sqaure, then went along Bay street towards Higgson street, on to Grenville street. The parade moved from Grenville street to Granby street and back to Unity Sqaure via James Street.

Back at Unity Sqaure, James said that all Caribbean citizens must be prepared to back the West Indies Cricket Team in their upcoming ICC T/20 matches.

“At the end of the day, this spectacle with the trophy being paraded throughout the region means nothing if it does not stay in the Caribbean, and we have what it takes,” said James, adding that one of the goals from this tour is to tailor fresh talent to carry on cricket.

“Our stocks of cricketers and sportsmen are small.”

He said that in terms of support, other countries benefit from being more populated than some Caribbean islands.

James said further that combining cricket and carnival serves as an excellent way to market SVG and he hopes representation from Vincentians at the games will be “second to none”.

“The first time ever a trophy that is competed at the world stage is being paraded throughout the Caribbean…”.

Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation, Ricardo Adams in his remarks, encouraged Vincentians to attend as many carnival shows and events as they can, and to have good representation at the ICC T/20 matches.

“Flights and hotel rooms are practically sold out, but I’m sure that we can still find space to squeeze in a few more people…tell them come for the steel pan, come for the junior shows, come for the fetes, come for the Calypso, Ragga, Soca, and come for the mas but most of all, come for the Vincy vibes.”

Minister of Tourism and Culture, Carlos James, who also delivered remarks, expressed appreciation to the audience for their participation at the launch of Vincymas.

He said he was especially grateful to the CDC to “bring back carnival to the people” by hosting the launch at Unity Square.

“Carnival does not belong to a Board of CDC sitting in the offices of Victoria Park; they’re doing good work but ultimately, carnival belongs to the people.”

James also restated his promise to have cultural hubs built across the country. He said that these hubs will ultimately contribute to all Vincentians being more culturally aware and, as a ‘mega facility’ they will have a grand stage to display all cultural arts. The plan is to install the mega facility at the current location of the Kingstown Cruise Ship terminal when the new port facility at Rose Place is completed.