Ginger helps Centenarian to milestone birthday
Church and family members celebrate milestone birthday with Centenarian Mercel Warren
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February 6, 2024
Ginger helps Centenarian to milestone birthday

This country’s newest centenarian Mercel Warren believes that use of ginger is partly responsible for her long life.

Warren, who lives at Byera Village, was born on February 1, 1924 and celebrated her 100th birthday last Thursday February 1, 2024.

Her daughter and caretaker Theresa Warren said that her mother is a lover of ginger tea.

“She drinks ginger tea morning and evening; it’s the first thing she has when she wakes up, and the last thing before she goes to bed,” Theresa explained.

She said that her mother drinks the ginger tea “just so,” without milk or sugar.

Theresa believes that her mother’s use of ginger is the key to her long and healthy life.

“She has no sugar, no pressure or anything like that,” the caring daughter explained.

Her mother’s only medical problem is that her vision is impaired.

Apart from ginger tea, the centenarian loves to eat ground provision, especially yams but her mother’s favourite dish is roast breadfruit and salt fish.

“She loves this dish so much, and she requested it for her birthday lunch and we made it for her, she ate all,” Theresa recounted.

On her birthday last Thursday, Warren requested to have a quiet day with her family, but on Sunday February, 5, relatives and friends teamed up with her church family to give her a fitting celebration.

Warren is a member of the Gorse Apostolic Church, but can no longer attend services because of her age.

The centenarian told SEARCHLIGHT on was full of praise to God.

“Praise God I am still on the land of the living,” the centenarian told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday.

Warren, who is the mother of six children one of whom is deceased, also enjoys pork and cattle head.

In her earlier years she worked as a labourer on the Mt William Estate to support her family.

Theresa said her mother was a very strict but loving parent and described her mom as a very peaceful person.

During the birthday celebrations at her home on Sunday evening, Warren also expressed gratitude to God, and encouraged the young people in the area to follow in her footsteps.

Her niece, Sylvia Browne, said she holds fond memories of her aunt.

“She is someone who always calls upon God a lot and she loves singing,” Browne said.

Browne who also lives in Byera said her aunt is “very plain minded, she wouldn’t hold back what she has to tell you.” Warren received a gift package from the church, gifts from her family and a birthday cake.