Vincentian UK-based hairstylist lands Ava DuVernay as a client
Vincentian hairstylist Sonica Greigg (left), with her client Ava DuVernay a director, producer, writer, marketer and film distributor
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April 21, 2023

Vincentian UK-based hairstylist lands Ava DuVernay as a client

If you have ever watched the documentary ‘13th’, Netflix series ‘When They See Us’ or movies ‘Selma’ and ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ then you are most likely familiar with the name Ava DuVernay.

DuVernay’s films, which deal mainly with racial injustice in America, have copped Golden Globe, GRAMMY and have been nominated for EMMY awards. So when she landed in the chair of Vincentian hairstylist Sonica Greigg, it was definitely a big deal for the UK-based beautician.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke with Greigg from her Buckingham salon to hear how the 39-year-old loc specialist landed the gig with DuVernay.

“She is the one who reached out to me. I was home and then a message came on my Instagram …”

Greigg who has close to 6,000 followers on Sonica Creations Instagram page, said the interaction with DuVernay came as a surprise, especially since her social media following is not that large.

“I was a bit in a shock. People feel like you have to have a really big Instagram following for people to see your work, sometimes that is how it feels.”

The former Georgetown resident told SEARCHLIGHT despite DuVernay’s status, she was not nervous or intimidated about styling the client. She revealed that the film maker requested a simple locs style and she jumped right in, introducing DuVernay to her product line, Sonica’s Creations, after which she thanked her and also left a glowing review on her page.

“When I gave her the mirror she was shocked, she said the hair was so neat, especially the edges. When I left she messaged me and said how she really loved her hair and she asked me about my products and when she is back in the UK she will hit me up because she really liked what I have done to her hair.

“It made me feel good because when I tagged her, she could have easily said thank you, but she took her time to write a really nice review.”

Greigg said DuVernay is not the first celebrity client she has had the privilege to work with as she has styled the locs of British singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and actress Caroline Chikezie, but she is definitely the most popular. And since she posted the photo with DuVernay on her Instagram days ago, Greigg has been flooded with praise by clients, friends and family back home.
“I am overwhelmed, I didn’t even realize that Ava was so big and is loved by so many people. Clients and everybody are asking me ‘how did you get the connection?’ The feedback is good, people are saying this is a really good opportunity.”

She also said her mother was especially excited telling her “more blessings will come”. Greigg marvelled at the challenges she has had to overcome living and working overseas over the years in trying to establish herself as a hairdresser, adding that she believes the opportunity to style DuVernay will push her to new heights.

“I know there are greater things coming.”