‘Missing’ boatmen  arrested in Martinique
FROM LEFT: Grafton Farrell and Raymond Snagg and the boat, Minerva.
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February 17, 2023

‘Missing’ boatmen arrested in Martinique

Three men, initially thought to be missing at sea, are in prison in Martinique.

A woman, the sister of one of the men, reported to another media house earlier this week that her brother Grafton Farrell, a Canouan resident, and two other men, Raymond Snagg of Mesopotamia and Grenadian, Anthony St. Hilliare left Canouan for St. Maarten last week and had not been heard from since.

A few hours after that report appeared online, another report also appeared; this one from Martinique, stating that authorities there arrested four people at sea with around 400 kilograms of cocaine.

On Thursday, February 16, a police source confirmed that the men arrested in Martinique are the men who left SVG for St. Maarten.

The boat that left Canouan is a registered Grenadian vessel, the MV Minerva, a 46-foot-long boat.

The four men were intercepted off Guadeloupe by the Martinique military and have been in police custody in Martinique since Monday, February 13.