Police respond to bloodshed and threats
Commissioner of Police Colin John
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September 9, 2022
Police respond to bloodshed and threats

With last weekend being filled with bloodshed, and with the surfacing of an audio recording promising even more killings, the police have responded, nabbing a firearm in their investigations.

During the September 2 to September 4 weekend, two men died in a shooting incident in Ottley Hall taking the homicide count to 30, while two others were shot in a separate incident, but survived their injuries.


Mosiah “Siah” Westfield, a 30-year-old labourer of Ottley Hall, died on the scene from multiple gunshot wounds. Isiah Carter, a 19-year-old labourer also of Ottley Hall, was shot in the stomach and subsequently died while receiving treatment at hospital.

Villa resident, 39-year-old Tommy Grecia was shot multiple times on Saturday, September 3, and is recovering. Dwayne Davy, a 32-year-old unemployed man of Ottley Hall, was shot on Sunday, September 4 and has been discharged from hospital.

In a release issued on September 7, Commissioner of Police Colin John noted that the police “have knowledge of an audio recording of persons purportedly issuing threats.”

In a recording that was circulated on social media this week, multiple male voices could be heard making threats on the life of named individuals and their close associates.

In the expletive laced call speakers informed that they knew certain information such as the license plate number of a car used by an individual.

“Is anywhere, anytime -mask, no mask. Brudda allyuh can’t sleep in allyuh place y’know. Even self,” one person is heard saying.

They said that they do not talk and that before “Siah” is buried something will happen.

“No white flag can’t wave in this you know? No white flag nah wave in this you know, no peace treaty, no surrender, y’hear.

“Why I call your phone for? Me sorry me can’t meet you face to face, wey you ah talk to me gun your mudda****. You tink is talk? Boy I go reload and fully, and reload and fully in your mudda****,” the individual said.

The Commissioner in his release indicated that the police, on September 6, as part of their investigations, intercepted and searched a vehicle and “a firearm was met in it.”

He said the occupants of the vehicle were arrested and investigations are ongoing.

Yesterday, 25-year-old Zouck Mills was sentenced to 42 months in prison for possession of an illegal .38 Smith and Wesson revolver which contained six bullets.

The name ‘Zouck Mills’ was among those mentioned in the threatening audio recording that has been making the rounds.

The police say that earlier this week, Mills was in a vehicle with three others when Rapid Response Unit(RRU) officers on patrol in Glen searched them. The gun was found on the floor near the front passenger seat.

When Mills appeared at the Serious Offences Court yesterday, he told Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne that his life had been threatened on multiple occasions.

The Commissioner in his release said investigations are continuing and that “The Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is utilizing its resources to ensure that the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines remain safe”.

“We are also soliciting the assistance of the members of the public to assist us in this regard.”