Upstage Xperience adds momentum to  Carnival season
MEMBERS OF the crowd enjoying themselves on the Calliaqua Hardcourt during Upstage Xperience Calypso Tent and St George’s Carnival launch last Friday.
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May 1, 2018
Upstage Xperience adds momentum to Carnival season


THE ST GEORGE’S CARNIVAL kicked off the 2018 rural carnival season last Friday with a joint launch with the Upstage Xperience Calypso Tent at the Calliaqua Hardcourt.

The event swung into action with memorable performances from Shen ‘Shena’ Collis asking parents to ‘Come Guide Me’; M’riah ‘Siah’ Robertson singing ‘They Love Mini-Vans’ and Cecile ‘Lil Bit’ King who was ‘Standing My Ground’. Patrons went into a frenzy during the second half of the show, when the commentaries from some of the more popular calypsonians woke up the growing audience.

Michael ‘Lord Have Mercy’ Ollivierre, although disclaiming that he was not well, put on a lively stage performance with his song ‘Evaluate Them Too’.

Joanna ‘Nubian Queen’ Christopher sang about ‘Everything Gone Up’ and Fitzroy ‘Bro Ebony’ Joseph described what to him constituted a ‘Bandit’ in the country.

Other members from the 14-member cast for the evening were: Alpheus ‘Observer’ Duncan; Gillian ‘Feisha’ Smart, singing ‘Solid As a Rock’; Kristiana ‘Singing Kristy’ Christopher with her song ‘Change the Face of Vincy Mas’; Cleopatra ‘Cleo’ Hendrickson with ‘Common Sense’; Jerome ‘Parry’ Samuel with ‘Bad Reflection; Kristian ‘Lil Bit’ Christopher with ‘Oh What a Tangled Web’; and Fitzroy ‘Ice-Man’ Ragguette singing ‘ Landing on the Airport’.

Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation, Ricardo Adams, explained that the night’s show was the first tent show for the season.

“The launch this evening is the first of, what I’ve been told, 25 calypso shows that are going to be happening during the 2018 Calypso season, including the reintroduced, Queen of Calypso, which is going to take place on June 8,” Adams said.

Chairman of CDC Ricardo Adams,

He promised a very exciting Vincy Mas 2018 and said anticipation is growing.

“All of the flights from our understanding are already full or are selling out very quickly, but when they get here, when they come for Vincy Mas, we must ensure that they have an absolutely wonderful time so that they would come next year,” Adams stated.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke with a representative of Upstage who said the Tent has been able to attract young calypsonians to ensure the viability of calypso in the country.

“The only how that vision can stay alive is if you attract or focus on young people, and of course we have been attracting some of the best talent. Not just seasoned calypsonians, but especially those who would have participated in the Junior Calypso Monarch.There are quite alot of persons who also came out of the community, and their parents have shown an interest in having them be a part of the Upstage Xperience.”

The event closed with heated performances from, Luta, Bomani and Fireman Hooper.The Upstage Xperience Calypso Tent is in its 14th year of operation and the Tent has produced the Calypso Monarch for the past six consecutive years with Man Zangi having been at the helm in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Last year’s monarch Fya Empress is also a member of the Upstage Xperience.

MEMBERS OF the crowd enjoying themselves on
the Calliaqua Hardcourt during Upstage Xperience Calypso Tent
and St George’s Carnival launch last Friday.

PERFORMANCES from Luta, Bomani and Fireman Hooper were also part of the show