SVGS Reeves, GHS Moffett House cop 2018 sports meets
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February 16, 2018
SVGS Reeves, GHS Moffett House cop 2018 sports meets

The St Vincent Grammar School’s (SVGS) Reeves House (blue) and the Girls’ High School’s (GHS) Moffett House (yellow) emerged victorious at the schools’ 2018 joint annual sports meet.

Held last Wednesday at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex, Reeves gained a total of 1,086 points to take the first-place spot, sending Lopey House (yellow) into second with 1,055 points. In third place was Crick House (red) with 1,040 points, while Millar House (green) was fourth with 973 points.

The GHS competition saw Moffet House amassing 1,078 points, some 30 more than their closest rival, Headmistress House (blue), who gained 1,048 points. Staff House (green) was third with 1,046 points, while Grimble House (red) was fourth with 919 points.

The day’s activities saw Cody Bartley emerging as the SVGS junior champ, scoring 40 points for his Reeves House. The GHS’s junior champ was Headmistress’s Marika Baptiste, who earned 58 points for her house. She was also the victrix ludorum.

The SVGS intermediate champ award went to Handal Roban of Lopey House, who amassed 74 points and also earned himself the victor ludorum trophy. On his way to the award, Roban broke the record for the 1,500 m Intermediate race, replacing Kevin Young’s 1994 record of 4 minutes 38.89 seconds with his time of 4 minutes 38.36 seconds. The Lopey House man also broke the 400 m Intermediate record, with a time of 51.18 seconds. This record was previously held by McKish Compton, who ran 52.03 seconds in 2013.

Over at the GHS, the intermediate champion’s trophy went to Brianna Nash of Moffet House.

In the senior category, the SVGS’s Javon Rawlins of Millar House ran away with the senior champ award. The GHS’s senior champ accolades went to Moffet House’s Weslicia Bennett, who had 48 points. See also Back Page