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December 5, 2014
Abusive domestic relationship ends in young man’s death

The mother of the man allegedly stabbed to death by his girlfriend is urging persons who are in abusive relationships to walk away.

Racquel Porter’s 22-year-old son Sylvannus Porter became the latest homicide statistic on Wednesday night, when he died in the yard of a neighbour, not too far from the upper Cane Hall home he rented with his girlfriend Kerisa Browne.{{more}}

Porter, also known by family and friends as “Joey” and “Movado,” sustained stab wounds to his chest, neck and back, allegedly inflicted by Browne, some time before 8:00 pm, as the couple made their way home.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the two had been arguing, following which, a fight broke out.

Porter’s mother told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that she knew that the relation was doomed from the start, since the three-year partnership between Joey and his girlfriend had been marred by violence and abuse on both sides from the beginning.

“When you in a bad relationship and you see it ain’t working, get out in the early stage; don’t wait until it is too late, because this is what happen when it’s too late, somebody will die,” she warned.

“They always have this fighting with each other. From ever since I know the both of them, they were living by me in Campden Park. Every time she leave and she go away, is always a ‘botheration’ between the both of them when she come back.

“And I keep talking to both of them and tell them they can’t live like this. I tell him to leave her, I told her to leave him, because she would always go and she keep coming back and everybody keep talking to he, but they never listen to nobody, because he would say he love Kerisa and she would always say she love Joey.

Racquel said that despite their hostility towards each other, Joey was quick to defend his girlfriend, which at times caused animosity between him and others.

Accompanied by Joey’s aunt Amealia and great-aunt Annie, Racquel told SEARCHLIGHT that despite her admonition, the couple left her Campden Park home two months ago and moved to the upper Cane Hall neighbourhood also known as “Bom Bom”.

She said despite a criminal past, her son had decided to turn his life around, and had started selling household products on a cart at the bus terminal across from Heritage Square.

His death brings the number of homicides this year to 42; the 35th murder and the second killing as a result of domestic violence.

Joey would have celebrated his 23rd birthday next week, Wednesday December 10.

Porter said that Joey was well loved by his family members and friends, most of whom were angry and hurt, but not surprised by what transpired on Wednesday night.

She said that she hoped what happened would be a lesson to others, and called for family members and friends to support each other in this time of grief.

“I know a lot of people would be angry right now, but I would like everybody to be calm and let justice prevail.

“I feel for her, because it could have happened either way; it could have been any one of them, it could have been him, it could have been her, I have nothing against her, I forgive her and I hope that she would be able to forgive herself.”

Joey’s aunt Amealia said that she had a close relationship with her nephew, who had vowed that he would not go prison, and had made changes in his life to stay on the straight path.

She said that prior to her nephew’s death, she, like other family members and friends pleaded with Joey to change his relationship, but he did not heed her warnings.

“We would always warn him but he would always say he love she. I guess he loved her to death,” Amealia said.(JJ)