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November 18, 2014
Body fished out of water of Kingstown harbour

Police here are still trying to piece together the puzzle surrounding the death of New Montrose resident, Paul Williams.

Williams’ lifeless body was fished out of the waters of Kingstown harbour, just off the reclamation site, on Sunday morning, at about 6:30 a.m.{{more}}

Reports are that on Friday, November 14, the deceased, who is originally from Lowmans Leeward, was observed to be behaving in an erratic manner, and at one point, he was seen walking in the area of the vegetable market, clothed only in his underwear.

Anthony Williams, nephew of the deceased, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, said because of his uncle’s strange behaviour last Friday, he was picked up by the police and was released that same day.

Williams noted that after his uncle was released, he was taken home and family members cooked for him.

“When my other uncle done cook for him, he go inside and when he come back out, he didn’t see him (Paul) again,” Williams said.

Another relative said she had heard reports of the deceased’s behaviour on the Friday and when she tried calling his phone, there was no answer.

“I don’t know what happened. I know he used to drink, but not drink so much really,” the relative said.

She added that Williams and his girlfriend broke up approximately two years ago, and he had not taken the split well.

“He was a cool person and would make his little joke and play… I used to tell him he need to pull himself together because he got a son going to Grammar School and he going graduate just now,” the relative further added.

A post mortem examination will be carried out on Williams’ body tomorrow to ascertain the cause of death.(KW)