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November 18, 2014
41 retired teachers honoured after spending over 30 years in the field

For their outstanding service and contribution to nation building, 41 retired teachers were honoured last Thursday, after spending over 30 years in the field.

This event, which was hosted by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teacher’s Union, formed part of the celebrations for Teachers’ Solidarity Week.{{more}}

“Today is your day to shine,” Wendy Bynoe-Laidlow, public relations officer of the SVGTU, told retirees during the ceremony.

“You have spent years changing lives, maybe one child at a time, maybe one class at a time or one school at a time. Sharing the excitement of learning with students and colleagues alike…you have the ability to draw energy from mysterious sources. Everyone in this room knows we don’t go into teaching to make a lot of money; we become teachers to make a difference to the students entrusted to your care to teach them that they can accomplish their goals and become whoever they want to be in this world.”

President of the SVGTU Oswald Robinson conveyed appreciation to the retirees for their work over the years and lauded them for their dedication to the profession.

“Even though money is important, we know that you could not have been fully rewarded financially for the contribution that you would have made to St Vincent and the Grenadines, but you have stayed in the profession, you have chosen to spend your entire life in teaching because you love children,” Robinson said.

“You’ve moulded the lives of our children so that they could be good citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines. You have touched the lives of many; you have added value to the lives of many. I am sure that if you have the opportunity again to get back into teaching, I’m sure that there are new things you would have employed in the classroom.”

The event included performances by the CW Prescod Steel Orchestra and the reciting of original poems by retiree Clement Fergus.

While 41 retirees were honoured last Thursday, those present at the ceremony were Clement Fergus, Victor Byron, Lurenda Johnson, Linda Mornix, St Clair Bramble, Theresa Cyrus, Dahlia Maloney, Gregory Marshall, Carmelita John, Elroy Williams and Patsy Hamlette.(BK)