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November 7, 2014
Woman pretends to be white and scams man out of over $26,000

A Peruvian Vale woman will return to the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court today, where she will be sentenced on 12 counts of deception.

Molecia Hunter, 29, unemployed, appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to dishonestly obtaining over $26,650 from Canouan resident, Nathaniel Stowe.{{more}}

The unlawful acts were committed over a three-month period between May 28 and August 21, 2014.

According to the facts in the case, a woman working in Canouan had given to Stowe, Hunter’s telephone number, as he was looking for a girlfriend at the time.

SEARCHLIGHT was reliably informed that Stowe and Hunter began chatting by telephone and texting by Whatsapp. After a period of time, Hunter told Stowe her mother had fallen ill and she needed $600 to take her to the doctor.

Stowe sent the money for Hunter via Money Gram.

Following that, the Peruvian Vale woman told Stowe that her mother’s condition had worsened and she needed some more money.

He obliged.

Hunter followed up on her gains and told Stowe that she had to take her mother to seek medical treatment in Trinidad, but did not have any funds to pay the return airfare.

He sent $1,900 to her.

During all the transactions, Hunter and Stowe had never met each other in person, but Hunter’s profile picture on Whatsapp was that of a Caucasian woman.

In another instance, Hunter told Stowe that her vehicle had been involved in a collision with another vehicle. She asked for money and as he had done before, he sent it to her.

Hunter told Stowe that the owner of the vehicle she hit was threatening to kill her if she did not fix the vehicle in a specific time and that she wanted to buy the vehicle that she had damaged.

The Canouan man obliged and sent the woman $10,000. When she told him that the vehicle needed repairs, he sent her a further $920. Two days later, Hunter requested money from Stowe to pay the insurance for the vehicle.

SEARCHLIGHT was also reliably informed that Hunter does not own a vehicle.

At one point, Hunter told the man that she wanted to visit him in Canouan, but needed the funds to do so. He sent her $180 for the plane ticket, but she never showed up in Canouan.

After some time, Stowe asked one of his co-workers, who lives at Peruvian Vale if he knew Hunter.

On hearing Hunter’s name, the co-worker laughed and said Hunter’s mother was not sick, neither was Hunter a Caucasian.

Stowe then tried repeatedly to contact Hunter, but all his telephone calls and Whatsapp messages went unanswered.

He subsequently journeyed to the mainland to investigate the matter and later reported the matter to the police.

In her caution statement to the police, Hunter said she met Stowe over the phone through a friend and said Stowe stated that he wanted a woman, but not a black woman, because they make ugly babies.

Hunter said she found Stowe to be disrespectful and wanted to get money out of him.

That was when Hunter pretented to be a Caucasian woman and sent Hunter photographs – some of them nude.

Hunter is unrepresented in the matter.(KW)