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October 10, 2014
PM to return to SVG tomorrow

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves is scheduled to return to state tomorrow, October 11, after being in Cuba for just over two weeks, seeking treatment for a muscular injury.

This was announced by Minister in State within the Ministry of Works Julian Francis on Tuesday, October 7, whilst speaking on Star FM.{{more}}

Describing the Prime Minister as a “rejuvenated man” in light of photographs that have been posted on social media charting his recuperation, Francis said that PM Gonsalves is responding as expected to the treatment and physiotherapy.

“He looks well rested, and seems to have thrown off a couple pounds!” mused Francis.

He further invited members of the public to turn out to the airport to greet the Prime Minister upon his return.

“I believe that it would be a good gesture for as many of us as possible to be in and around the airport and to give him a wonderful welcome back home,” beseeched Francis.

Gonsalves left the state on Tuesday, September 23, after suffering an injury to his right ‘rectus femoris’, which is a muscle in the thigh. He was accompanied by his wife Eloise Gonsalves, two members of his security detail, and physiotherapist Denys Byam.

A local medical team had advised Gonsalves that recovery cannot be “unduly rushed,” and that he should seek treatment abroad.