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October 3, 2014
Skinny Fabulous collapses in Barbados

International soca superstar Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle was, up to press time on Wednesday, recuperating at home here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, after he fell ill last weekend in Barbados.

Doyle was scheduled to perform at the Arthur Guinness concert in Barbados on Saturday, {{more}}but had to cancel the engagement, after he began experiencing chest pains, followed by vomiting.

The multiple soca monarch winner was rushed to the private Sandy Crescent hospital, where he collapsed in the parking lot.

Doyle told SEARCHLIGHT that he was admitted to hospital and treated for gastroenteritis. He said he collapsed because of severe dehydration caused by the gastroenteritis. He said he believes his collapse was also as a result of his heavy work schedule, which led to exhaustion. Just a few days before falling ill, Doyle had a huge performance at the Arthur Guinness concert in Jamaica.

While in hospital in Barbados, Doyle said he developed an allergic reaction to the drug Boralgin, which he had been given intravenously, resulting in a skin reaction.

He was kept overnight in the hospital.

Doyle told SEARCHLIGHT that he thinks in addition to the gastroenteritis, he may have also contracted chikungunya, because as soon as he landed in St Vincent on Sunday, he began experiencing flu-like symptoms, which included a temperature of 103 degrees.

The soca superstar was due to travel to Martinque on Thursday (yesterday) to continue his hectic performance schedule, but he was unsure at press time if he would be up to making the trip.

Other gigs on Doyle’s schedule in the next few weeks include Miami Carnival on October 11, the United Kingdom on October 18, the BVI on October 25, Dominica on October 29, Jamaica on October 30, New York on November 1, the Cayman Islands on November 14 and Dubai on December 18.