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September 19, 2014
Lawyer says charges against ‘Bigger Biggs’ without merit

Counsel for blockmaker Leon Jack Samuel, known in the social arena as “Bigger Biggs,” has said that the charges brought against his client are without merit.

Bayliss Frederick, one of three lawyers retained by Samuel to defend him in relation to four traffic charges he faces, objected when newly appointed Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne Matthias {{more}}asked Samuel to plead when he appeared in court.

“My objection was based upon the fact that… the charges are frivolous, vexatious and purely political, and he ought not to be made to plea guilty or not guilty, because he cannot be advised as to what he is guilty or not guilty of,” Frederick told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, outside of the courtroom, after Samuel was instructed to return to court on October 8.

“This is a sad thing and it is purely political, and they have gone to the courts now with political matters which is not done,” Frederick added.

The other counsel for Samuel are Stanley John and Akin John.

Samuel was arrested on Monday this week, on charges of failing to comply with a road sign that said “No Parking,” obstructing the free flow of traffic, failing to remove his vehicle PR 382, which was parked on a public road, and wilfully allowing his vehicle to stay on the road to cause obstruction of Traffic.

He entered a not guilty plea to all charges, and was free to leave the court.

He had posted station bail on Monday shortly after he was arrested.

The businessman told SEARCHLIGHT that he staged a one-man picket of the Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan’s office at Granby Street on Monday, to protest what he believes to be the dragging of feet in relation to an application for permission to resume sand mining on his land at Rabacca.

Samuel said that his business was shut down in February 2011 and that he was informed that a request for advice on the matter had been placed on Jones-Morgan’s desk since June 21 this year, which he said is not forthcoming.

“I am calling her to look into the matter because when I speak to the technical persons, they are saying that they cannot do nothing until the Attorney General gives the right away or the go ahead.

“I believe them because she is the one who has to bring the decision to shut me down.

“The technical persons say they are waiting on her to guide them, I know that her input is critical, because they have to be guided by her.”

Samuel noted that he is not certain as to how his court matter will play itself out, but said he is sure that the truth will come out.

“This whole thing was surrounded with lies from the beginning, and if persons begin to speak the truth; that’s all I want from them.

“This is not about me getting back my license too you know, the most important outcome I expect is the truth, and as long as this truth come out, I know the rest will fall in line. So with me picketing, I expect to, at least to know, that the right outcome will come out.

“Just speak the truth. I don’t even want them to be nice to me. Just review the case and be honest in their approach,” Samuel said. (JJ)