Vincentian Coastguard officers excel in RSS Junior Leadership course
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September 12, 2014

Vincentian Coastguard officers excel in RSS Junior Leadership course

Two Vincentian Coastguard officers have excelled at the Regional Security System (RSS) Junior Leadership Course 1/2014.

Able Bodied Seamen 271 Brenda Durrant and 699 Damian Franklyn copped the 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively, from among 16 participants on the course, which was held recently in Antigua and Barbuda. ABs 274 Corey Findlay and {{more}}Menilek Kirby of St Vincent and the Grenadines also participated in the programme.

The participants, drawn from the RSS member states, received training in counselling, duties of a non-commissioned officer, time management, the 10 commandments of leadership, taking command, communication, functions of a leader, motivation, understanding subordinates, chain of command and physical training.

AB Durrant said her exposure to the course has placed her in a better position to execute her duties and to perform them more effectively. She added that it has contributed to her personal development.

According to AB Durrant, physical training was the most challenging component of the programme and being the only female there, she tried her best to keep up with her male colleagues.

AB Findlay stated that the course has adequately prepared him for future leadership positions.

He said the course exposed him to strategies and approaches that leaders can take to further develop their departments and by extension organizations.

He used the opportunity to thank all instructors for the effort that they made on the course.