Ollivierre delighted with CXC/CSEC success
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August 15, 2014

Ollivierre delighted with CXC/CSEC success

“Content” was the only word that Delight Ollivierre could find to describe how she felt after learning that she had 14 subject passes in the 2014 CXC/CSEC examinations.

Ollivierre, who had placed first for girls and second overall in the 2009 Common Entrance Examinations, has achieved 13 grade ones and one grade two.{{more}}

“I expected to do well, but some of them I didn’t expect to do as well in, I did good in,” the recent graduate of the Mountain View Academy told SEARCHLIGHT.

The daughter of Connie and Anthony Ollivierre received grade one passes in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Spanish, Social Studies, Mathematics, Information Technology, Human and Social Biology, Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Home Economics Management, Food and Nutrition, Geography and Agricultural Science, while her grade two pass came in English B.

According to Ollivierre, her success is a result of doing her part as a student.

“Usually, the driving force behind preparations was the teachers, so I guess a lot of it was done in class with past papers and they made sure that we knew everything before the exam. We completed the syllabus. I just did my part as a student,” the 17-year-old said.

In fact, the Argyle resident took the opportunity to encourage other students to not waste their time in school, as being a diligent student will pay off in the future.

“This is one opportunity that [you] shouldn’t waste. Make the best of it. Have fun in school, but still do what you know you’re supposed to do in terms of school work. Make sure you do your part as a student because no one else could do it for you. No one else is responsible for your success but yourself,” she said.

Ollivierre’s father, Anthony is also the principal of the Mountain View Academy. When he spoke with SEARCHLIGHT, he described his daughter as being independent and very organized.

“A perfectionist, if you want to look at it that way. She always likes to take a challenge and to give a challenge,” he said.

Having been one of the top performers in Common Entrance in 2009, Ollivierre had the choice of going to any secondary school in St Vincent.

While some may have assumed that she would have attended the Girls’ High School, her father believes that a student’s success comes from hard work and not necessarily the secondary school they attend.

“If she had attended the Girls’ High School, it could have been a lot different. It would have been out of the scope of travel; it would have been distractions, it would have been pressure and I think it would have affected her overall performance,” Ollivierre said.

Among a long list of persons that she wished to thank for her success, the teenager expressed gratitude to God, her parents, all of her teachers and many of her extended family and friends.

While most students will be headed to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College in the upcoming school year, Ollivierre will be travelling to Trinidad where she will begin her university studies at the University of the Southern Caribbean.

The teen told SEARCHLIGHT that she intends to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, as she hopes to become a marine biologist in the future.

Ollivierre shares the spotlight with fellow Argyle resident, Richard John, who also obtained 14 subject passes with 13 grade ones and a grade two.