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August 15, 2014
Hat-trick for Halbich on launch of new book

For most 16-year-olds, writing and publishing a book is something they aspire to. But for Storm Halbich, it’s not an aspiration, it’s a reality – a reality that he recently achieved for the third time!

At a launch that took place at the Paradise Beach Hotel on Wednesday, August 6, Storm presented his third offering – “My Caribbean Connection” – to the local literary scene.{{more}}

During a brief speech he said: “I feel like I have been writing this book forever and now it is finally finished.

“The book is packed with fun facts, special places and my adventures.”

“My Caribbean Connection” showcases Storm’s travels to 21 destinations around the Caribbean, highlighting the similarities of the various cultures and differences that make each island unique.

At the event, Storm admitted that he would have loved to visit every island in the region but that was not financially possible.

“My parents would be broke and my mother and I would have gone insane,” he joked.

“We chose 21 countries we felt represented the diversity of the Caribbean. Some of them I had already visited, but the majority I had to make plans to get there… I have had an amazing journey putting this book together and I hope you will also enjoy that journey as you go through the pages.”

Storm further explained that there are three main messages he hopes to deliver through writing the book. Namely: that each country is unique and we should learn to appreciate these differences; that every individual is responsible for the protection of our evironment; and that age is only a number.

“I hope that this book will encourage young entrepreneurs in St Vincent and the Grenadines… to develop their talents into businesses,” he explained.

Storm gave special thanks to his parents and grandmother, Kim Gun-Munro, Nadia Huggins, and Jeanette France. He also expressed gratitude to Scotiabank’s Bright Futures Programme and former Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste for supporting him throughout his writing.

Storm revealed that he plans to launch a line of merchandise under the STORM Inc brand. Currently, he is in Florida, enrolling at boarding school.

In February 2008, Storm launched his first book, “My Homeland,” a child-friendly book that teaches readers about the natural beauty of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

In November 2010, he launched his second book – another child-centric publication – called “Colours Of My Country St Vincent and the Grenadines”. This book featured information about SVG’s heritage and culture, which was presented in an interactive format.(JSV)