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August 5, 2014
NDP marches through Kingstown

President of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace has declared last Thursday’s march and rally of his party a success.

Speaking on the New Times radio programme yesterday, Eustace said the support from persons at the Ring De Bell march and rally was “quite large.”{{more}}

“The people who were on the sidewalks and so on; it was a mammoth crowd,” the Opposition leader said.

He added that he is aware of what other parties will say about turnouts at such demonstrations.

However, Eustace declared that the march was successful and that he is going to continue moving on.

The Opposition leader pointed out that in previous years, persons on the side of the road would usually make comments like “where they going?” when there was a march.

This time, he said, nothing like that happened.

“I make my own assessments, given the objective factors. People could talk what they want. I have seen things in this march I have never seen before, in terms of support along the road which was quite large,” he explained.

“So I am not going to get myself tied down. I think we had a successful day and I am going to move on.”

NDP supporters paraded the streets of Kingstown in a march last Thursday to highlight what they deem official corruption and the high rates of unemployment in this country. The march culminated in Heritage Square with a rally, where several NDP representatives addressed their supporters.(BK)