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July 1, 2014
Kiddies’ Carnival successfully staged following postponement

Despite weather conditions similar to what caused the postponement of Junior Carnival on Saturday, the event was successfully staged yesterday.

Thirteen registered mas bands crossed the stage at Victoria Park with their 2014 Junior Carnival presentations.{{more}}

Of these 13 bands, 10 participated in the Junior Queen of the Bands competition, while six bands participated in the Junior King of the Bands competition.

The postponement of Junior Carnival from Saturday, because of the inclement weather, was the second such postponement in two years.

A release from the CDC on Saturday said the decision to postpone the event was taken “in the best interest of those of our nation’s children who participate in Junior Carnival. This decision is unfortunate but necessary under the prevailing circumstances which affect the arrangements under which the festival is held.”

The reigning Junior Carnival champions are Blondie Bird and Friends, who won in 2013 with their presentation “A Glimpse of Kingstown.”