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February 18, 2014
Patrice: Attacker opened bedroom window and shot boyfriend

Patrice Walker, girlfriend of slain man Earl Jack, said she was asleep on his chest when his attacker opened their bedroom window and shot him in the head.{{more}}

Jack, 26, became this country’s fourth recorded homicide for this year, after he succumbed to his injury at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Sunday, February 15.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT yesterday at her home at Great House, Lowmans Hill, a distraught Walker, 19, said she was awakened by the sound of a loud explosion at about 5 a.m. on Sunday.

“I wake up and ask my friend, who was lying in the same bed with us, what was that sound? He say it sound like a gunshot and it like it come from up by the gate…,” Walker said.

Walker stated that just as she was about to go back to bed, her mother came into the room and asked what had happened.

“I tell she it sounded like a gunshot from up by the gate and she (mother) say the room smelled like sulphur,” Walker recalled.

Walker said her mother inquired about Jack, who was on the bed.

“I hit him and he mek ah sound like he snoring, because it sound like he was sleeping still… I got up and come off the bed and me ain’t notice anything…,” she added.

It was not until the streetlight hit the room and she saw the blood-stained pillow that Jack was sleeping on that she knew he was shot.

“I say, hold on a minute! And I go fo’ my flashlight and shine it on him and I say mommy, is Jack get shoot you know and we started crying,” she recounted.

Walker disclosed that before they went to bed, the window was closed.

“When we get up we see the window opened. So, I asked anybody if they opened the window and they say no.”

She added that she and Jack made their relationship official recently, after getting to know each other for close to a month.

Describing Jack as a “very special person” to her, Walker remembered him singing Konshens’ song, ‘I’m coming,’ to her on Saturday evening.

Walker said the last words Jack uttered to her the night before he was shot and killed were: “Babes, come let we go sleep.”

Patrice’s mother, Michelle “Celia” Walker, also recalled hearing the loud explosion around 5 a.m.

She said after it was discovered Jack was shot, they tried feverishly to get assistance for him, because they could not contact anyone via cellular phone as a result of dead batteries.

“We had to be running up and down and we finally get a phone call and the Questelles police come,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

According to Walker, she knew Jack from since he was a child and noted that he was always kind to her.

“For the space of the time I know him and was around us, he used to call me mummy. He was like a son to me. He go come here and spend time because he with my daughter,” she added.

She further noted that Jack and others may have had issues with some persons recently.

When contacted, head of the Criminal Investigations Department (C.I.D) Assistant Superintendent Sydney James said two persons are currently in custody assisting with police investigations.

In 2006, Jack, then 19, was sentenced to five years imprisonment on a manslaughter charge, after admitting he was the driver of the vehicle that was stolen from murdered police constable Elson “Raka” Richardson on November 14, 2004.

Two other men, Shorn George and Earlando Lampkin were convicted of Richardson’s murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Richardson was thrown into the trunk of his car, taken to Belle Vue where he was put to lie face down on the ground. George then picked up a rock and crushed Richardson’s head, while Lampkin placed his foot on Richardson’s back.

He was then thrown over an embankment, where he died. (KW)