66-year-old man found hanging from rafters of kitchen
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December 10, 2013
66-year-old man found hanging from rafters of kitchen

The usually quiet neighbourhood of Old Montrose was thrown into shock and disbelief last weekend, when one of its residents was found dead.{{more}}

The body of Benjamin Williams, otherwise known as “My Me”, was discovered some time around 7 on Sunday morning, hanging from the rafters of his kitchen.

The family member who made the discovery raised the alarm, which brought out the rest of the community.

More than 24 yours later, when SEARCHLIGHT paid a second visit to the area, residents of the area were still buzzing about the incident. They said what had happened was unfortunate and sad, and they were wondering why the 66-year-old fisherman had taken his own life.

One individual, who spoke to SEARCHLIGHT on the condition of anonymity, said that she was awakened by the shouts of the family member calling to a neighbour, telling him of his grim discovery.

“When I go out and I see him, I just feel sick,” the individual said. “All day, all night the thing dey on my mind.”

The resident told SEARCHLIGHT that Williams had once before threatened to take his own life, but that was a long time ago and they did not take him seriously.

According to the individual, Williams appeared to be going through some personal issues lately, and was a known diabetic and hypertensive.

Another neighbour said that she had spoken to Williams the night before and all seemed well.

“He was his normal self…. Saturday night he tell me ‘I go see you tomorrow morning,’” she recounted.

“Then when I buss my door and hear somebody saying ‘My Me’ hang heself, I couldn’t believe it.

“On Wednesday he told me that he pressure and sugar up so he going to the hospital the

next day to get some medication. I didn’t expect to hear this at all.”

Neighbours described Williams as a quiet, well-known person, who got along well with his neighbours, and didn’t appear to have any problems.(JJ)