Girls’ High School takes first place at Secondary Schools Drama Festival
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December 6, 2013
Girls’ High School takes first place at Secondary Schools Drama Festival

Students of the Girls’ High School have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with in the realm of theatre.{{more}}

On November 28, the all girls’ institution was awarded first place in the 2013 Facey Trading Secondary School Drama Festival. Under the direction of Theatre Arts teacher Jillian John-Llewellyn, the cast of six performed “The Ritual”, which was written by Trinidadian playwright Zeno Obi Constance.

In the play, five students find out that one of their classmates, Omega is pregnant. Each girl takes a turn at playing Omega so that they can better understand the plight of Omega and by extension, Caribbean women, which is the main symbol in the piece.

When SEARCHLIGHT spoke with the cast, the girls shared their experiences of being a part of the play and said they have gained a sense of respect for not only teenage mothers, but other persons who are being marginalized in society.

“We put a lot of work into it, a lot of practice. It was very exciting, because it’s something that usually happens in Caribbean societies…so even if it was for a play, to put ourselves into that actual position and feel how someone would feel, it was giving us a view of what they feel and it helps us to sympathize with people in that situation,” Alicia Browne said.

Preparing for their performance in the drama festival was not something that the girls took lightly and a three-month process preceded their success at the event.

“We did a classroom session with script analysis; then we took it from page to stage and we started blocking the play,” the director told SEARCHLIGHT.

“After we blocked the play, we then looked at characterization, movement and fine tuning little things”.

Physical education teacher and assistant director Gary Constantine also attested to the hard work that was put into their winning performance.

“Working with these girls, it’s different than working with a production where you have male and female,” he said.

“This is a lot different, because these girls will also have to take on male characters as well, so just getting to the point of ‘Yea, this is where you are switching from male to a female’ was a bit tricky now and again, but it was fun… and we’re planning to take it two years, three years, how much ever years in a row”.

Although it was her first time on stage, Angelique Alfred copped the Best Lead Actress award.

“I feel very good, happy excited,” she said. “When I grow up, I really want to be an actor. At first it was a play thing but now, I’m serious about it”.

Adiel Hope, who was awarded with the Best Supporting Actress award, said that winning felt “good, but I’m accustomed to the stage, so

it wasn’t much of a surprise”.

GHS was also awarded for having the Best Director and Best Stage Management.

For their play dubbed “Don’t Tell Nobody”, the Troumaca Ontario Secondary School was awarded with second place, while Bethel Secondary School settled for third with their play called “Jenny’s Plight.”

Other special awards included Best Set – Troumaca Ontario Secondary School; Best Makeup – Thomas Saunders Secondary School and Best Original Play – St Martin’s Secondary School.

Best Lead Actor and Dramatist of the Festival went to Jasper Alexander of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, while Best Supporting Actor was awarded to Sauhil James of the St Martin’s Secondary School.

In the teachers’ skit category, O’Neil Gould was given the Best Director award, while Best Actress went to Avion Williams and Best Actor went to Garfield Charles. (BK)