My son died in his brother’s arms – Mother
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October 1, 2013

My son died in his brother’s arms – Mother

Up to press time last night, police were still on the hunt in the Greiggs area for a male suspect, said to be in his mid-twenties, who stabbed to death a 16-year-old resident of the same area.{{more}}

Dead is Terrance Junior John, better known to residents of the community as Hot Skull. The incident took place sometime around 3:30 p.m., Monday, in the area called Middle Road.

On arrival at the scene sometime after 5 p.m., SEARCHLIGHT observed a large gathering of curious onlookers in the area where the incident had taken place.

An individual, who was walking along with John just before he met his death, told SEARCHLIGHT the teenage boy was stabbed with a pair of scissors on the right side of his back and to the left side of his neck.

“I was walking up the road and [John] came out from another road just up there and he and I walked up the main road. When he reached the top of the road, he went by a lady and I stood across the road.

“The guy was walking down the road the same time. He said something to [John], but I can’t remember what it was. The two of them started arguing and he (John) said that is why I don’t allow you to come round me place. The other one said something else and John tell him ‘What you think $10 could do? That is only bull money,’” the individual related.

According to the eyewitness, after the argument got heated, the accused then “pulled a scissors and stabbed the young man in his back.

“The boy run into the porch, for a woman across the road, and he (the accused) went over and stabbed [John] in his neck after he done stab him in he back,” the individual further revealed.

It was also revealed that after stabbing John, the individual walked down the street and showed some other men the scissors, then “washed off the blood by a stand pipe.”

The owner of the house where John died said she heard the commotion outside and when she went to investigate, she saw John running onto her porch bleeding from his back.

“I saw him come in the porch and he tried to come in, but the door was closed and after I saw [the accused] come in the porch, I run out the back and started bawling murdooo, murdooo…

“I couldn’t help because I was too frighten and I done witness a death in the past, so I just run and bawl,” the homeowner stated.

Grace Rawlins, mother of the deceased, spoke with SEARCHLIGHT, while seated on the steps of her parents, about five houses away from where her son was killed.

The mother of two said she was still in shock as to why her son lost his life in such a manner.

Rawlins revealed that her son, who turned 16 in July, died in the arms of his older brother, Lawson.

“I was right here by my mother. And then somebody come and tell me they just kill one of the boys up there. So me say, ‘fu true’?

“Me ask, so he dead, dead, dead? And the person said yes. When me go up where he was, me meet him in me next son hand. So me say, Junior and he just turn around, roll up he eyes and watch me.

“When me try hold him, me realize me finger sinking in his back,” the mother recalled, as she fought to hold back tears.

“He died right up there in his brother’s hands. I was there when he died too, but I left and came down to make a phone call’ but by the time I came down and go back up, they say somebody take him and gone hospital,” Rawlins added.

Members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) visited the home of the accused, but were told by his parents that he was not there.

John’s death brings to 24 the number of homicides, so far, for the year.