Vincy lawyer suffers injuries at hands of New York cops
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August 13, 2013

Vincy lawyer suffers injuries at hands of New York cops

The case brought against Vincentian attorney Ronald Marks by the New York Police Department (NYPD) will be dismissed, if he is not re-arrested within the next six months.{{more}}

Marks, a former government senator, appeared yesterday at the Kings County Criminal Court, located at

120 Schemerhorn Street, Brooklyn, New York, and the case against him was “adjourned, in contemplation of dismissal”.

This means that if Marks is not arrested within the next six months, the charges against him will be dismissed and the case sealed. No further court date was set.

According to the New York State Unified Court System website, Marks was charged with attempted assault with intent to cause physical injury; resisting arrest; harrassment in the second degree with physical contact and disorderly conduct – refusing to move.

Marks was represented in court by Vincentian attorney Colin Liverpool and was not required to enter a plea at the court, as the charges against him were misdemeanour offences, which carry with them maximum jail sentences of less than one year.

SEARCHLIGHT has obtained exclusive video footage of the prominent lawyer and former Unity Labour Party senator being taken down and arrested by members of the New York Police Department (NYPD).

In the 54-second long video, sent to SEARCHLIGHT by an eyewitness to the fracas, which took place on Sunday night, Marks is seen being led in handcuffs to a waiting police cruiser.

While walking to the vehicle, surrounded by three police officers, Marks falls to the ground, is picked up, then placed in the vehicle (see video at

Marks was arrested and charged, along with Orande “DJ Kemmy” Christopher, a former national Junior Calypso Monarch, during an incident which took place on an East New York sidewalk in Brooklyn.

Up to press time, SEARCHLIGHT was unable to confirm with the NYPD whether a third man had also been arrested and charged during the altercation, but one individual at the scene said that this person, named “Darren”, was the first person to be placed in cuffs.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Marks, Christopher and other individuals, including our source, were at the Lincoln Terrace Park on the intersection of East New York and Buffalo, where they were attending a netball competition.

Following the matches, persons stayed at the venue, while DJs (including Christopher) entertained the crowd.

Some time after 10 p.m., the crowd of mainly West Indians was asked to leave the park, and this, according to the witness, led to the disturbance.

“I don’t know exactly how it started with Darren, but I heard they asked for ID and he didn’t comply,” the witness told SEARCHLIGHT.

“The cops told the DJs to cut off the music and was telling everyone to leave the area, so I’m thinking he probably said something smart, that’s why they ask for ID.

“In this country, once they ask for ID and you don’t have or don’t show them, the likely outcome is you in cuffs,” the witness said.

Marks, in a posting on Facebook last night said he visited the netball with his two cousins when shortly after 10 pm, when they were preparing to leave, he saw a young man from Layou being dragged by “three huge policemen and one woman.”

He said as he passed, he saw the dread in the eyes of the young man, who said to him, “Oh God Ronnie help me the police locking me up and I ain’t do nothing.

Marks said went to the female officer who was at the car that the young man was flung into and asked what he did.

“She said ‘we told him to leave and he wouldn’t and on top of that he giving attitude’.”

Marks said he told the police officer, that the young man is sorry, and not violent, so consideration should be given to not arresting him.

“Two white NYPD officers came over the redhead one said to me ‘What the f*** are you doing there? Get to f*** away,” Marks said.

“Darren then said ‘he is my Lawyer’, I then declared that I was not called to the NY Bar and have no jurisdiction to practice here, but another who is so qualified was just nearby and I turned away from the officers and headed to the area where I last saw Colin Liverpool Esq. as I was concerned with the brute force that was used on the young man and the violent demeanor of the officers,” Marks explained.

“As I walked away from the officers and in full view of about 30 Vincentians the officers kicked my legs out from under me and three of them jumped on to me and hand cuffed me. Needless to say I was totally in shock and the Vincentians around began to bawl for bloody murder at what was happening right before their eyes.

“I lay motionless on the ground with my hands behind my back while they handcuffed me and threw me into a police car, people started screaming and protesting that I was walking away from them and they had no right to tackle me in such a vicious manner…,” Marks said in Facebook posting.

Persons in the video obtained by SEARCHLIGHT could be heard shouting “brutality”, “no!” and “that’s a lawyer alyo lock up”, as Marks was escorted to the vehicle.

The eye witness told SEARCHLIGHT that Christopher was also commenting about what he saw as the officers’ abuse of their power, when he too was asked for ID.

“I was standing there talking to Kemmy… and the cop came over and ask him for ID. When he didn’t comply, they put the cuff on him too,” the eye witness said.

NYPD officers in the Public Information office told SEARCHLIGHT earlier yesterday that Marks was arrested on August 11 at about 11:24 p.m., at the 77th precinct in Brooklyn.

The NYPD said Marks was charged with obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. These charges were later upgraded.

“The details that were written in the report is that he did refuse to disperse, causing a large disorderly crowd to gather. He also attempted to punch and push an arresting officer while the arresting officer was attempting to disperse the crowd, and while attempting to arrest Mr Marks, he did lay on his hands to prevent himself from being handcuffed,” one officer told SEARCHLIGHT.

Another officer informed SEARCHLIGHT that Christopher (name given as Camara), was arrested and charged for obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct, but did not elaborate on the charges.

The second officer indicated that after the arrests, the men would be transferred to the New York City Corrections Department Central Booking, where they would await their court appearances.

Sources also told SEARCHLIGHT that Christopher and

the individual identified as “Darren” have also been

released. (See video at