Masked men hit New Haven Funeral Home in broad daylight
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July 26, 2013

Masked men hit New Haven Funeral Home in broad daylight

A broad daylight robbery at the New Haven Funeral Home office in Kingstown on Monday has forced management to enhance the establishment’s security system.{{more}}

Chief executive officer (CEO) of the establishment Janise Da Silva confirmed with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that the robbery took place around 11:20 a.m.

It was revealed that two masked men took off with an undisclosed sum of cash during the process.

SEARCHLIGHT, however, understands that over $70,000 was stolen.

“Mostly cheques they took.

“The bottom line is that we will be able to retrieve most of the funds – say up to 80 per cent of the money,” Da Silva said.

Da Silva described that incident as a “frightening experience.”

She, however, noted that she is thankful no one was hurt during the incident.

“It was a really, really frightening experience, because it took place broad day light.

“Monday morning is when there is a lot of traffic and they (robbers) wait for that, just when two workers were here.

“So, it was quite scary, but we are thankful that they didn’t hurt anybody.

“That’s the bottom line,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter how much money was taken, the fact is that nobody was hurt and we live to fight again,” the CEO further stated.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the office, workmen from a particular security firm were installing security systems.

Da Silva explained that as a result of the robbery, an immediate decision was made to have a new security system put in place.

“We had a door where when we see you we had to buzz you in. We also had a camera from a security firm that never worked.

“What has happened here is what we spoke about to do and in the process of taking our time doing that, this happened,” she said, while speaking about the beefed up security.

The New Haven Funeral Home’s Kingstown office was opened in 1991.

Police are currently investigating the matter. (AA)