Chester Cottage man drives  off with Hai Life Mazda RX-8
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July 23, 2013

Chester Cottage man drives off with Hai Life Mazda RX-8

Carlisle Burke, a 41-year-old Chester Cottage resident, is the winner of the Mazda RX-8 in the Hairoun Hai Life Promotion.{{more}}

Burke, a construction worker at the Canouan Marina, was one of 11 persons who were still holding on to the prize car, 24 hours after the competition began on Friday, at Heritage Square.

Nine competitors dropped out during the course of the 24-hour challenge.

Burke and the 10 other finalists each had to pick two keys after the 24 hours had elapsed.

Hundreds gathered to witness the historic event and many cheered for their favourite participant, but in the end, only one was able to drive away with the Mazda RX8 valued at EC$67,000.

The Chester Cottage resident was the 10th person to try his key, which unlocked the door to the car.

“Wow! I won it. I won it,” Burke said, as he was being interviewed by SEARCHLIGHT.

The confident construction worker said that the 24-hour challenge was no task for him, as he is accustomed to working “in the hot sun,” on a daily basis.

“I work in concrete and hot sun almost every day, so it wasn’t really much of a task for me. I work on the marina project in Canouan and I know what hard work is. I work from 7 in the morning until 6 in the evening and sometimes I go later than six.

“So, yes, I know what hard work is. I know what it is like to be in the blazing sun for an entire day,” he said.

When it boiled down to the selection of the keys, Burke, who already owns a vehicle, said when he inserted the key into the car’s door, he knew it was a “sure fit.”

“I have a vehicle, so when I felt the key slip in, I just knew. I just knew. It was a really, really good feeling,” he added.

Apart from the recently acquired Mazda RX8, Burke revealed that he also owns a Toyota Hiace.

Despite holding his bowels for 24 hours, being in the hot sun all day Friday and being soaked by rain early Saturday morning, Burke said the challenge was really worth it.

He explained that the second 12 hours was the most challenging part of the 24 hours of holding on.

Each participant had a 10-minute break after the first 12 hours.

“After we got the doctor’s check and the 10-minute break, at the start of the second period, it was a little bit difficult.

“The muscles in the legs began to get tired and a little pull muscles, but as the doctors advised, you had to get on your toes or kneel, because then your blood will circulate better.

“I took their advice and during the time I was moving about my feet…” he disclosed.

Loretta Burke, Carlisle’s wife of five years, said she endured the 24 hours in support of her husband and was overwhelmed that he won.

“I feel so good. It’s an amazing feeling. I was here for the entire night supporting him….

“We worked together as always and I’m so proud,” Loretta said.

Lamont Medica, marketing co-ordinator for the St Vincent Brewery Ltd, who seemed to be even more excited than Burke, described the occasion as ecstatic.

“It’s hard to find words to describe what transpired here today.

“As you saw, even at the beginning, many Vincentians gathered to witness these participants vie for a chance to win this car and throughout it all, they were supported. In the end, the crowd response was larger than it was in the beginning. So, that goes to show you that all of St Vincent is behind Hairoun.

“They are holding their own,” Medica said.

Medica said the Brewery is very appreciative of the support from the participants and spectators.

He congratulated the participants for their endurance in vying for a chance to win the Mazda RX 8 car.

“Imagine that; you paid only $4 and now you can own a car valued over $60,000. You can’t get it much better than that.”

Medica also said he was surprised at the number of persons who held for the 24-hour period.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect so many persons to be holding on up to this time this morning. I really thought that more persons would have fallen out and was looking forward to see two or three persons in the end. But these participants really stood up and demonstrated their determination and for that we commend them.

“Congratulations to Mr Burke,” the marketing co-ordinator said, in conclusion.

The other finalists were Alvin Bacchus, Marina Miller, Arden Billinghurst, Edson Bynoe, Jamal Brudy, Vanrick Williams, Nicholas Butcher, Jeremy King, Cordel Caine, Mcneil John, Alex Sutherland, Bertram Edwards, Roland Jack, Kenroy Simmons, Odfred Cato, Kine Antoine, Yoland Glasgow, Kenard Creese, and Kenrick Charles. (AA)