St Vincent Grammar School retakes RBC Young Leaders title after one-year hiatus
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June 14, 2013
St Vincent Grammar School retakes RBC Young Leaders title after one-year hiatus

The St Vincent Grammar School again tasted victory on Wednesday, when they were announced as the local winners of the 2013 RBC Young Leaders Programme.{{more}}

Their project, which earned them the Award of Distinction, emulated all aspects of this year’s theme, “Be the Change”.

The project included a mentorship programme with the Liberty Lodge boys, social activities that promoted clean fun on Friday afternoons, community visits and a short film that highlighted youth issues, such as substance abuse, peer pressure and bullying.

The large group of boys was extremely excited about the win, especially after a one-year hiatus from the programme.

“We took a break and we came back and took the title,” said Jeremy Boyde, vice president and this year’s Most Outstanding Young Leader.

The St Vincent Grammar School won the award for four consecutive years, from 2008 to 2011.

Georgetown Secondary School’s small contingent of young leaders were able to cop the second place, the Award of Excellence, while the Girls’ High School earned the third place, the Award of Merit.

Of the 14 schools that registered this year, only eight submitted their projects for final judging.

Featured speaker, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Williams provided the young leaders with food for thought, as he examined the theme that they had worked with during the year.

“Why change?” Williams asked.

“Should we presume that all change is good?…If you are to be the change, should you be guided by the fact that change is inevitable, that the process and dynamics of life mean that things are going to change in any event? Change is ever constant”.

The DPP told students to be mindful that there are persons who will always resist change and also that there are things that can never be changed.

“There are many things of yesteryear that are of substantial worth and which in our quest to change, we ought not to really interfere with. These are things like our values, our ethics, our morals and indeed certain cultural traditions,” he said.

Using the saying “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water”, Williams cautioned students that in order to be the change, there must be an application of thought and reflection.

“You don’t really have to be radical without reason,” he said. “Before committing yourselves to be the agents of change…it is necessary for you first to apply your mind and look at what is desirable”.

Other speakers at Wednesday’s ceremony included Isaac Solomon, the area vice president for St Vincent and St Lucia for RBTT Bank Caribbean Limited and Asfo Stephens, senior education officer for secondary schools.

“Diversity, the 21st Century Imperative” is the theme announced for next year’s installment of the RBC Young Leaders Programme.

The St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown won the Award of Distinction in 2012.(BK)