Mother of three in fatal accident at Colonarie
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May 28, 2013

Mother of three in fatal accident at Colonarie

Hours after Keisha Yearwood became this country’s third road fatality for the year, curious spectators were still gathering at the site of the crash.{{more}}

Yearwood, also known as Kim, died at the scene of the accident, just off the Colonarie main road, about 200 metres from the Colonarie Police Station, shortly after midnight yesterday morning.

The 36-year-old Chester Cottage resident was one of three passengers, travelling from Park Hill, when the vehicle hit an embankment on the side of the road, then slammed into a tree, and rolled over before landing on its wheels, facing the direction opposite to where it was heading.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the scene, dozens of persons were on hand viewing the mangled vehicle (Hyundai Excel P1710), and occasionally, vehicles would stop at the side of the road, with their occupants exiting to take a look.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke to Kim’s sister Roxanne Haywood, who said she heard of her sister’s death from friends in the village.

Holding back tears, Roxanne said she was lying down when a friend called to her.

She said when she got up, her friend told her that her sister had been in an accident, but she wasn’t sure how serious it was.

Roxanne said she immediately began to pray that nothing serious had happened.

“When me dey now, me see Kenneth and he coming down and me see tears ah he eye and me ask him what happen and he tell me my sister dead,” she said.

“When he tell me my sister dead, all me could do is scream and she daughter come out and then my grandmother wake up and come out, then she son come out behind.”

Prudence Haywood, Kim’s cousin, told SEARCHLIGHT at her Chester Cottage home that when she heard that her cousin was involved in an accident, she rushed to the hospital in Georgetown.

She said that when she was told that Kim was not there, but was still in the vehicle, she realized that she was dead.

Prudence and Roxanne said Kim had three children: two girls — 15 and two years old, and a 12-year-old son, who is due to sit the common entrance exams on June 7.

“He was asking me ‘so you mean if me call mammie she not going answer me? How mammie going to know if me pass Common Entrance? What me going to become now?’” Prudence disclosed.

“… And all of that is going throw he back now,” Roxanne said of her nephew.

Kim was described by her relatives as a warm and friendly person who looked out and cared for persons around her.

“She been nice and friendly and everything. Me and she all time go good,” said Roxanne, adding that she doesn’t know what she will do now.

SEARCHLIGHT also visited the Georgetown hospital, where two other occupants of the vehicle had been treated for their injuries and released.

When SEARCHLIGHT arrived, the third occupant was being escorted by police to the Georgetown police station, where he was expected to give a statement.

This road fatality comes on the heels of an accident which took place in Layou last week and claimed the life of five-year-old Jovel Glasgow.

Glasgow and his four-year-old cousin Lenroy Adams were returning from a river where they went to bathe, when they were struck by a motor vehicle.

Glasgow succumbed to his injuries, while Adams is still recovering at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.