6 Vincies hoping  to be region’s Next Top Model
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March 15, 2013

6 Vincies hoping to be region’s Next Top Model

Six Vincentians will be leaving their mark in Jamaica and Trinidad later this year when they represent St Vincent in the Caribbean’s Next Top Model Search.{{more}}

The SVG Top Model Search, hosted by Beautex International, came to an end last Saturday, when five females and one male were chosen from a group of 10 to represent St Vincent and the Grenadines regionally.

Marketing officer of Beautex International Jolene Bentick said the finalists will now be under rigorous training in preparation for the regional competition.

“A male and a female will be going to Trinidad and the other four females will be going to Jamaica,” Bentick said.

“They’re going to be doing different kinds of training; walking training, how to fix their make up and stuff. They each have to be on a diet and join gyms and so on”.

The models were unified in their opinion of the model search being a great experience and new friendships appeared to have been forged, as Nikita Phillips said that they were able to help and learn from one another.

Phillips, who said that initially she did not want to be a part of the top six, expressed happiness over being given the opportunity.

“I didn’t really want to. I came for the experience,” she said. “But now…I want to represent my country and it has kind of woken me up”.

Being described as jovial by her fellow models, Antoinell Keizer has been modelling for approximately eight years, and has represented SVG on several occasions; in a top model competition in Germany and in the Campari Caribbean Search.

“My sister, she used to model, so from that, I just adapt. It came naturally from looking on at her,” Keizer stated.

In contrast, a very statuesque Tristina Wallace has only been modelling for two years, but was in the top 10 when the Elite Modelling Agency came to St Vincent in 2011.

“I used to wobble in the heels. I was horrible!” she explained.

Wallace, who stands at 6 feet 2 inches, also mentioned that her height did not necessarily give her an edge over the other competitors who vied for a spot in the top six.

Although she is a law student, Antonia Clarke highlighted her passion for modelling and hopes to do professional modelling in the future.

Clarke said that she was very happy for the experience and exposure that was given to her by being a part of the model search.

“I like modelling. I’m intrigued by the glamour and excitement of the modelling industry,” the 17-year-old said.

Selis Blair is excited to be able to represent St Vincent and the Grenadines regionally. Blair, who has been modelling for approximately six years, pointed out that it will be her first regional competition and she will be glad to have the experience under her belt.

“For me, it will be better, because anything to get the experience and exposure will be good,” she said.

Of two males that competed for a spot in the top six, Steve Thomas emerged victorious.

“We only had two males in the competition,” Bentick said. “They were on a tight competition”.

The models expressed their gratefulness for the opportunity given to them and said that they will be doing their best to make their country proud.

The SVG Top Model Search is one of four projects that Beautex International hopes to embark on this year.

Bentick informed SEARCHLIGHT that the other projects would be the mas band, which also carries the name of Beautex International, Miss Big and Beautiful and Miss Plus Sized Universe.(BK)