Bishop’s College begins 50th anniversary countdown
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January 22, 2013

Bishop’s College begins 50th anniversary countdown

The countdown is on to the Bishop’s College Kingstown’s 50th anniversary — January 20, 2014.{{more}}

And to kick things off to mark the special occasion, nine members of the inaugural 1964 class visited the institution yesterday, to officially begin the 365-day countdown.

The nine-member team led the school in its morning devotion and to begin spreading the word of things to come.

Principal, Cecelia King, said that this was one of the most exciting times to be at the school.

“I am looking forward to the 50 and this is our countdown,” she said.

But it was also a special time for past students who took the time to speak to the current students.

“It was 49 years ago that we stood down there and we were ushered into this brand new building,” said Dr Vernon Scott, a past student and former educator.

“That was it. However, we learnt quite a few things from being here at Bishop’s College,” he added.

Among the many things that they learnt, Scott said, was that a neglected opportunity was something that could never be returned.

“And if you neglect this opportunity, then you are in for some serious, serious problems.”

In times such as these, he continued, tensions are increasing among nations and natural disasters are a constant threat.

The nation’s development and future growth depended on the young minds that were being moulded now in schools, he said.

“So I am asking you not to neglect the opportunities that you have today; because the existence of a skilled and trained manpower is an absolute necessity for the development of any country,” he said.

Alrick Audain, vice president of the Past Students Association in New York, encouraged the students to stay committed to the task at hand and to remain proud, adding that the success of some past students of BCK is amazing.

He promised that the group in the US would be organising a packed programme.

King followed up, saying that while activities for the 50th anniversary are expected to begin in January 2014, special programmes for the present student body will begin in September with a mentorship programme.

Other activities include a church service, a march through Kingstown and a homecoming event for all former BCK students living abroad. (DD)